‘Ragini MMS’ to tide over Friday the 13th

New Delhi, April 27 (Calcutta Tube) It may have surprised some that a superstitious person like Ekta Kapoor chose to release her next production ‘Ragini MMS’ on a day that happens to be Friday the 13th! But she has her remedy ready.

‘I wanted to release ‘Ragini MMS’ on May 12 and I first took that date from the astrologer. But when I checked the day, I saw it was a Thursday. And Friday was Friday the 13th! So … to get over my superstition, I am releasing the film in one theatre on the 12th for luck,’ Kapoor told IANS.

She refused to divulge which state and theatre the movie would release in, for the fear that ‘a lot of people might end up catching it there’.

However, the television tsarina is quite confident that the sensual paranormal film, featuring Rajkumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala, will do well with the young audience.

‘Ragini MMS’, produced by Kapoor’s Alt Entertainment, is about a couple who go on an adventurous weekend on the outskirts of Mumbai and end up in a house rigged with 24 cameras. There is also something paranormal about the house, which adds to the fear factor in the movie.

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