Raajneeti-Katrina Kaif starrer movie in trouble, Prakash Jha gets legal notice for copyright issues

Mumbai, May 15 (Calcutta Tube) The problems for Katrina Kaif starrer Hindi movie Raajneeti‘ seem to be getting more pronounced. First, a city-based social worker filed a petition in court against the film and now actor and self-styled star Kamaal R. Khan has sent a legal notice to director Prakash Jha claiming copyright over the film’s title.

Social worker Naseem Khan had filed a petition in court Friday asking for the film’s release to be stopped because one of the central characters apparently resembles Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Now, Kamaal R. Khan, or KRK as he likes to be called, has sent Jha a legal notice.

When contacted, Jha admitted that Kamaal, known to generate publicity for himself through various controversies, has sent a legal notice claiming copyright.

‘But my lawyers are looking into it. There’s absolutely nothing in this claim. We shouldn’t give any importance to people who jump into the picture at the time of release for whatever reasons. Look at the way Rakesh Roshan is being harassed over ‘Kites’ by some person claiming to be entitled to crores of rupees,’ Jha maintained.

‘Earlier, we had someone making claims over Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Rakta Charitra’ days before release. This is not done!’

Speaking on Naseem Khan’s claims that ‘Raajneeti’ casts aspersions on one of the most prominent politicians of the country, Jha said: ‘Let all these self-styled supporters of Soniaji come forward to show their loyalty. Am I an irresponsible citizen and filmmaker who would do something so foolish as to portray Soniaji in a bad light?’

‘No one has seen a frame of ‘Raajneeti’. How does anyone presume that Katrina’s character has any resemblance to Soniaji? Have I said it anywhere? Has Katrina said it anywhere? Let Soniaji watch ‘Raajneeti’ and decide.’

About an out-of-court settlement with Naseem Khan, Jha said: ‘Over my dead body. I’d burn the prints of my film rather than give in to such blackmail. No out-of-court settlement for me. I’ve seen enough legal obstacles in my life. This is nothing.’

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