Pyaar Impossible (2010)-Hindi Film Review

Pyaar Impossible is a 2010 Hindi film by Jugal Hansraj with actors Uday Chpora, Priyanka Chopra in lead roles. Read the Hindi film review at CalcuttaTube.

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Starring: Uday Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher and Dino Morea

Director: Jugal Hansraj

Reviewed by: Sampurn Team

Verdict: Average Watch

Rating: 2.5 out of 5*


Geeky Abhay Sharma (Uday Chopra) is in love with the hottest girl in his college, Alisha Merchant (Priyanka Chopra) while studying in California. While he keeps day dreaming about her, she doesn’t even know his name or acknowledge his presence. One late night he even saves her from drowning but despite that he doesn’t get a word of thanks in return since she decides to leave the college the very next morning and returns back to her father in India. Seven years pass by and Abhay still continues to nurse his huge crush on Alisha. Meanwhile, he gets cheated by the hands of a smooth talking businessman Siddhu (Dino Morea) who robs his developed path breaking software.

But after motivated by his father (Anupam Kher) Abhay goes in search of Siddhu to Singapore where he is supposedly based. But to his surprise he sees Alisha working as the PR and Marketing Head of the very same company where Siddhu is trying to sell of his software, passing off as his own for a multi million deal. When Abhay goes on following Alisha to her house he learns that she is now a divorced single mother. Alisha however, mistakes him to be a male nanny for her daughter. But Abhay keeps quiet and continues to work as a male nanny in her house as it actually gives him a chance to share moments with the girl he has been dreaming for so many years. What happens when Abhay learns Alisha is falling for Siddhu whose real name is Varun and how he manages to extract revenge for the cheating done to him, forms the rest of the plot.


In his second directorial venture, following the entertaining animated film, Roadside Romeo, Jugal Hansraj shows good technical finesse. But with the screenplay written by Uday Chopra himself, being the weak link, the film fails to achieve the status of an ideal date flick. There is not much novelty in the subject. One can actually guess the graph of the story as to how it will proceed. While there are few good comic moments like the dinner sequence at Priyanka’s house or the torturous first day for Uday playing a male nanny and also some really wonderful lines, the film loses steam with its predictability factor. While nothing much happens in the film’s first half, the second half presents things that don’t really take you by surprise. The climax is too tame as well.

Underplaying to the hilt, Uday is very endearing in his geek act. Priyanka looks absolutely stunning and carried her self well for a role ranging from playing a hot bubblegum college gal to a single working mother. Mostly presented in suits or jackets, a dashing looking Dino Morea is very impressive enacting a suave villain. Anupam Kher playing Uday’s equally geeky father is good as usual. The little girl playing Priyanka’s daughter is cute and likeable. Rahul Vohra playing Priyanka’s boss fits the part.

Salim Sulaiman’s music fits the mood of the film perfectly and the songs have been very well picturised including the school rock number performed on screen by the girl playing Priyanka’s daughter. Cinematography is of international standards by Santosh Thundiyil.

Many Hollywood films have come with a similar theme as that of Pyaar Impossible and if the film is targeted at the youngsters, then there are chances many of them must have already seen them. So, despite good performances by the entire cast and some really well penned sequences, Pyaar Impossible ends being just an average watch. Watch it if you have nothing else to do.


Reviewed by: Subhash K. Jha / IANS

Verdict: Dull Film

Rating: 2/5

Pair impossible? You bet! Uday Chopra as the geek in love and Priyanka Chopra as the unattainable self-declared 10-on-10 beauty is a bit of a long shot.

But in films about the romance of the impossible, anything is possible. In the first 15 minutes of the narrative, Uday gawks, sighs and grins goofily every time Priyanka passes by on the college campus. She’s so hot she could scald the film’s frames if only the basic treatment was not so ‘thanda’.

We see Priyanka on roller-skates, on stage pounding a guitar, at the cafe gabbing with the boys… everywhere except in the classroom.

So who said anything about studies?

Soon Alisha (yup, that’s Priyanka’s name) is back in India with a little daughter named Tanya who is the most annoying child actor in recent times. When Uday masquerades as her nanny, Tanya threatens: “I’ll call the cops and tell them you’re doing bad things to me.”

The daughter’s lines are written to sound cool. And the seven-year-old girl mouths them as though she heard them all on television.

Most of the narrative unfolds in Alisha and her daughter’s home where the geek, still smitten after seven years, becomes the monstrously ill-behaved daughter’s nanny.

The world outside this quaint and over-cute domestic scenario is inhabited by corporate types pounding away millions worth of deals on their sleek computers. The geek can only be sleek when he wants. But he’s content in his placid cocoon. Who needs style when you have spectacles and braces?

It’s a ‘jingle’ out there. The soundtrack is suffused with sounds that you want to squeeze down the toilet. The single-mother as played by the excessively self-confident Priyanka seems well-equipped to cope with the quirks of the concrete jungle.

Priyanka’s character offers much room and potential for comment on today’s working women, their effort to balance home with work.

Priyanka’s world in “Pyaar Impossible” seems strangely bereft of harassment. Her greatest stress is to find a nanny for her insufferable daughter. When that is in place, she needs to treat her suave but evil suitor, played with a likeable glint by Dino Morea, to dinner at home.

That too is taken care of by her all-purpose nanny. The dinner sequence has the potential of being a laugh riot. Instead it just stretches on like acres of unkempt grass in need of a mower.

Most of the film replicates the over-studied rhythm of a sitcom about a smart working -class babe who can’t see love staring down at her right inside her home.

Priyanka in a stunning new hair cut looks every inch her part. But would someone please explain why she needs to show her legs 24×7? Is there some kind of a hidden statement in her leggy presence?

Some of Priyanka’s best scenes suffer from the actress’ discernible over confidence. Where is the vulnerable quality in this single mother’s personality? In contrast, Uday is understated gentle and in-character throughout. He knows the inner world of the geek.

Technically competent “Love Impossible” is not a bad film. It’s just a dull film.

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