Pushtie falls down on the sets


YRF’s ‘Mahi Way’, the latest offering on Sony has the cute lead actress Pushtiie who claims that the show’s cast and crew are one big happy family and totally in love with each other. Well, this love was visible on the sets when Pushtiie fell down while shooting and the whole team ran up to her help.

Pushtiie shares the anecdote, “Once while on sets I was rehearsing and walking backwards and I didn’t know there was a trolley behind so, I hit it and fell down. The whole team came to my rescue and while someone got ointment for me, another got a flat bed for me so everyone for taking nice care of me just like a family would do.” Looks like the ‘Mahi Way’ team is like a big joint family and is happy too.

So, how is Pushtiie’s equation with her co-stars, “We have an amazing rapport, my on-screen parents actually care for me like actual parents, my on-screen younger brother calls me ‘didi’ off-camera and likewise my on-screen niece calls me ‘Maasi’ both on and off screen. So we have struck a nice bond with no adjustment problems at all” says a cheerful Pushtiie.

Seems like the “Mahi Way’ team is having gala time shooting the show with strong love and bonding between its cast and crew. It’s always good to have fun while working. What say?

-Chandana H Buch/ Sampurn Media

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