Purab Kohli: Hide N Seek Hindi Movie is Thrilling


Purab Kohli is a known name in the showbiz as he has come a long way from being a television’s charming VJ to a brilliant movie actor. He has brilliant movies like Bus Yun Hi, My Brother Nikhil and Rock On to his credit which has been loved by one and all. His comic timing and charm have fetched him great fan following. His last film Rock On was a huge hit for which he also received Special Jury Mention in the 2009 Filmfare Awards and now he is all set with a thriller Hide N Seek, directed by Shawn Aranha.

What is the movie Hide N Seek all about?
It is a story of six friends who have to deal with a situation which had made them part their ways six years ago. Whatever they are individually they owe to this situation that arose years ago. An unknown force is pulling them back together in a same situation only this time it will kill each one of them one after another.

Tell about your character in movie?
My name of my character is Om whose is one of these friends. Om’s life too turns upside down because of that incident occurred six years ago. The incident also leads his lady love to leave the town due to which he is depressed in life.

Why should audience go and watch Hide N Seek?
All I can say is it is an exciting, thrilling, edge of the seat joyride.

How would you react if such situation arises in your real life?
To get trapped in a limited space and not knowing who is trying to kill you is quite spooky. But I would have stayed alert and protect myself. I am not someone who will get frightened like my character Om in the movie, I can give few punches. I would not die without giving a tough fight. Did you play any kind of scary pranks on anyone, by taking advantage of the atmosphere while shooting for the movie?

Yes, we did all those crazy things on the sets. For instance, I loudly banged on Amruta Patoka’s door and screamed in the middle of the night but she never opened the door. Next morning when we enquired about the incident she completely denied saying she was too fast asleep to feel anything, so our plan failed (chuckles).


So, what made you choose Hide N Seek after doing a movie like Rock On?
Rock On was one of the biggest hits of year 2008 and audience loved my comic-timing in it. I didn’t want to limit myself to particular banners so I kept signing few films as offers poured in soon after the release of Rock On. Many of these projects didn’t go on the floors because of the recession. I’m at a stage where I need to explore myself as an actor. I felt Hide N Seek had a good role to offer so; I took it up without giving a second thought.

How was your off screen experience with the star-cast of the film?
It was beautiful experience being together. We would eat, swim and play badminton together. We all got along well and had good time.

What are your expectations of the movie?
Everyone expects his or her movie to be a hit but I have just begun so, without keeping many expectations I leave it to the audience.

Tell us about your other projects in the pipeline?
I have a comedy film slated to release by the end of this year.

– Chandana H Buch/ Sampurn Media

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