Punjab paper-maker gets certificate to operate in US

Chandigarh, Aug 25 (Calcutta Tube) Punjab-based Abhishek Industries Limited (AIL) has received the Chain of Custody certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) of US to strengthen its operations in the paper market there, a company official said Wednesday.

‘We already have a formidable presence in the US market in the textile business and this recognition will enable us to further foray into the US paper market,’ Rajeev Gupta, business head of Trident Paper, sai here.

AIL, flagship company of towel and textile major Trident group, is one of the world’s largest wheat-straw based paper manufacturer. It commissioned a state-of-the-art integrated pulp and paper plant in 2008 near Barnala town in south-west Punjab.

A certificate from FSC, a non-profit organisation, is mandatory to do paper business in the US and also widely regarded ealsewhre in the world. FSC has been promoting responsible forest management worldwide for a decade and has its presence in over 50 countries.

‘This certification guarantees that wood is coming from known legal sources or responsibly managed forests and is awarded after a stringent audit, which establishes that the fiber sourcing is not harmful to the environment,’ said Gupta.

Gupta said the certificate will also help AIL expand its market presence in other countries and increase exports.

The Rs.25 billion Trident group has business interests in paper, home textiles, retail, yarn, IT, energy and chemicals. It is rated among the top five towel manufacturers in the world.

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