Prosenjit Chatterjee at ‘Walk the Talk’, knee replacement patients walk ramp

Tollywood actor Prosenjit Chatterjee at a Kolkata eventKolkata, Aug 27 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS):  Fortis Hospitals showcased the enhanced quality of life of post joint replacements interventions when patients walked on the ramp at a city hotel Wednesday.

The show  “Walk The Talk”, which had 28 contestants (all of of whom underwent replacements from Fortis) at Hotel Hindustan International, was hosted by the Mir  in his signature style while Tollywood biggie Prosenjit Chatterjee added glamour to the event.

Pre-recorded videos of patients describing the feelings before and after the surgery was shown on the giant screen and was followed by the patient take on the ramp.

Almost every patient talked highly of Dr Ronen Roy and a time came when host Mir was forced to ask if there was any type of undergame between them and Dr Ronen Roy.

IBNS later caught up with Dr Ronen Roy and asked that how would he handle pressure and rush of patients who would line up for him.

“It is happening in reality and I really have to find some way to handle it,” he said.

There were also prizes for the patients in four categories: best smile, best personality, best confidence, and best walk.

The judges of the show were model  and the birthday girl of the day Jessica Gomes, designer Agnimitra Paul and Joydip Mukherjee.

Among the patients Deepika  Chakraborty, Shivani Dutta and K.S parasuram took away the prizes for best smile, , best confidence, best walk respectively.

The prizes were given away by  Prosenjit Chatterjee.

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Prosenjit with knee replacement patients who walked ramp
(Reporting by J P Mandal, Photos by Avishek Mitra)

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