Probe into blackout at Mumbai air traffic control

Mumbai, June 17 (IANS) The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has ordered an inquiry into an incident of power blackout at the Air Traffic Control at Mumbai International Airport two days ago, officials said Thursday.

The power blackout Tuesday, which lasted for at least 20 minutes, affected the ATC’s critical early morning operations. It could not communicate and give appropriate instructions to four incoming flights and 15 outgoing flights, including some international flights.

However since the ATC officials were in the dark about when power supply would be restored, they resorted to some desperate emergency measures like using battery-operated VHF radio.

Since the incident could have serious ramifications in terms of air safety, the DGCA has ordered a probe into the incident, an ATC official said.

It is not clear whether the ATC had any standby arrangements for emergency power supply in case of breakdown in the regular power supply.

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