Pro-Telangana protesters try to barge into secretariat

Pro-Telangana supporters Saturday tried to barge into the state secretariat, demanding the central government immediately initiate the process of forming a separate state.

About 50 activists of the Progressive Democratic Students Union (PDSU) were arrested when they tried to barge into the high-security area.
Raising slogans of "Jai Telangana", the protesters gathered outside the secretariat in violation of the prohibitory orders and squatted at its main gate.
The protesters then tried to barge into the secretariat and police had a tough time in controlling them. The activists were baton-charged and taken into custody.
Earlier, PDSU president Ashok Kumar told reporters that the central government should immediately initiate the process for carving out Telangana state. He alleged that the government was adopting delaying tactics on the issue.

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