Priyanka, Rachana Banerjee are the only sweetner in ‘Maubane Aj’ (Bengali Film Review)

Rahul, Priyanka in 'Moubane Aaj' Bengali MovieNov 2, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Maubane Aj is a 2011 Bengali film directed by Raja Sen with Koushik Sen, Rachana Banerjee, Priyanka, Rahul, Manoj Mitra and others in the cast. Read the Bengali movie review at Calcutta Tube by critic Pachu Ray.

One may rush to the auditorium to watch recently released ‘Maubane Aj` not because of Raja Sen`s directorial work or Samaresh Majumder`s story line or the script written by Manoj Mitra or the cinematography of Rana Dasgupta or the music of Partha Sengupta & Ramji, but because of Rachana and Priyanka who did well and because of Ranjit Mallick to some extent. In the almost last scene Rachana is seen handing over the bunch of keys to the lady caretaker from whom once she was given the same by Ranjit Mallick to look after everything. This is symbolic as well. Because Priyanka in this film has played the role which in her earlier days Rachana used to play. Priyanka as flamboyant desperate physically fit bright young lady reminds us of Rachana of her salad days.

The story is in one way amazing not centered on anything special. It started with a football tournament where Ranjit Mallick`s team got defeated. And at once Ranjit apparently as tremendous football lover appointed Dipankar Dey as coach of his team, the man who 25 years before stole everything of his aunt and flew away. Ranjit, fully knowing this past history and knowing nothing about his football career, why appointed him as football coach is obscure. Not only that, while his salary was settled to be Rs.5thousand per month, his alcohol expense went up to more than 10thousand,his one time medical expense of 9thousand was also granted with pleasure by Ranjit who is seen earning money not in any fictitious way. So logistically how could we justify this pecuniary relation between Ranjit and Dipankar. Moreover after sometime his philandering with football disappears and Ranjit is found very much engaged in placing Rachana in his family matters. He accidentally found Rachana attempting to suicide. He brought her in his house and eventually to whom he arranged to hand over the keys. And at last scene after successfully arranging marriage of Rahul and Priyanka he promised Rachana to arrange a partner for her own choice also. The pointlessness of the story does not end here. Rahul, the only progeny of rural busyness man Ranjit, how can afford to be so lazy and pointless? Thus this story has hundreds loop holes which sometimes is very difficult to tolerate. But the part of the story where social acceptance of a young lady, now and then using slangs and throwing legs to the abdomen of educated hooligans, is adorable. But we could have cherished the boldness of the story/script little more if Rachana is shown to be married with the brother of her deceased husband. We then could have witnessed another bold step- the marriage of Rachana Banerjii with Kaushik Sen, the brilliant actor.
The golden age of Ritwik, Satyajit, Mrinal,Buddhadeb is no more. But the utter darkness which totally engulfed our cinema in the late years of twentieth century and remains of which are still there with mimicking southern films, are gradually wiping out. Raja Sen`s Maubane Aj, though not a remarkable one in any sense, is surely a part of this broomstick. And so we are talking about it. Raja Sen started his feature film career with Damu in 1997. And in his last film Laboratory, in commemoration of one and half birth centennial of Rabindranath Tagore, he centered much attraction. On the contrary his Maubane though is lucid easy going and provokes no thought process, has certain bold elements in favor of womanhood which comes not as any slogan but comes spontaneously. Manoj Mitra is a strong writer. So he could tighten the script little more to establish the things logically. Now a days in film music is getting an asset. We are sorry to say that music of Maubane is very poor. The cinematography is flat and devoid of all contrasts. But the good editing makes the frames tolerable.
Any way ‘Maubane Aj’ in essence is a love story and a low budget film with no bullfight, with no expensive
so called awkward dance and with no conventional love making.
– Pachu Ray

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