Priyanka Kothari-On Ram Gopal Varma And Agyaat

Priyanka Kothari talks about Ram Gopal Varma and Agyaat right before the release of the movie. Explore the actress in an intimate interview.

Priyanka Kothari-On Ram Gopal Varma And Agyaat

Priyanka Kothari talks about Ram Gopal Varma and Agyaat right before the release of the movie. Explore the actress in an intimate interview.

Nisha oops Priyanka Kothari is back with yet another RGV film. Yes, the actress has comeback to her original name. Ram Gopal Verma’s favorite girl who eventually took the place of Urmila Matondkar does not bat an eyelid when questioned about her suspicious special inclination towards RGV camp.

In this interview, she along with fondness for RGV talks about her forthcoming film Agyaat, which is slated to release this week on Friday Aug 7.

You have made a sort of gang with Ramu…why this special inclination?Why don’t you venture in other banners?

I think that question goes to the banners you are talking about. I am quite flexible working under other banners. But none of them except Mahesh Bhatt has ever made their mind to cast me in any of the films. As far as RGV is concerned, we share a very good rapport, and I have high regards for him. The best part about him as a director is he realizes the talent, and is very encouraging to actors he is working with.

Let’s come to Agyaat, tell us who Agyaat is, in the film? Shed some light on the storyline?

Agyaat (laughs) is nothing but sound effects in the film. The bottom line of the story is- we are scared of something till it does not appear before us. We are terrified throughout the film and discover there was nothing to get scared of in the end. It’s all in our mind. So, it is dense scary jungle and sound effects which eventually turns out to be Agyaat.

Do you believe in supernatural powers…have you ever experienced something of this sort in real-life?

(Smiles) I have not, but have heard tales about ghosts from my folks who have had a real-time experience. Honestly, while shooting for the film I have realized as I said earlier, that it’s nothing but a mind game. However, if we go by the tales from my folk’s mouth I would love to encounter one.

Why this sudden decision to comeback to your original name?

Priyanka has been my official name since birth. My dad never liked the idea of me changing my name to Nisha, but never expressed it. He somehow expressed his feeling and I decided to get back to my original name.

Where do you see your career graph moving with your forthcoming films, since last two films have not really shown up well?

(Smiles) Hopefully good but honestly, I believe in the famous shlokha ‘Karma Kar Fal Ki Iksha Mat Rakh’. I am very passionate about my work and I deliver to the best of my capabilities. I personally feel confident about my capabilities and will continue to do good work. Success and failure is secondary thing.

You were heard of getting married to a businessman. Is it true?

(Laughs) Well, that’s the biggest gossip I have ever heard about me. Marriage definitely is not on cards.

Coming back to Agyaat; how was the experience of shooting in dense jungles…any particular incident which brings shiver down your spine?

While commencing the shoot for the climax of the film in the jungles of Kerala, we experienced something very uncanny. As soon as I entered the jungle, I broke my ankle which was followed by broken leg of one of the crew members. Soon after that, one of the camerapersons got an electric shock with the result camera was in the river water nearby, and then the most intimidating thing which I have ever witnessed- my co-actor’s hand started bleeding. I freaked out seeing the sight and was completely terrified.

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