Private Practice (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

Anshuman, Ramaprasad Banik, Pasha in 'Private Practice' Bengali movieApril 20, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Private Practice is a 2011 Bengali movie produced under the banner of M. Tarapdar Movies with (Late) Ramaprasad Banik, Anshuman, Ratri, Pasha, Aishwarya and others in the cast. Read the Bengali film review at Calcutta Tube.


Banner: M. Tarapdar Movies

Produced by: Madhusudan Tarapdar

Music: Sandeep Kar

Cast: (Late) Ramaprasad Banik, Mrinal Mukherjee, Ramen Roychoudhury, Kalyan Chatterjee, Manasi Sinha, Anshuman, Ratri, Pasha and Aishwarya

Rating: 01/10

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If you are looking for something to do with doctors in the film, which would be natural as the film is titled Private Practice, forget it. The press release does not carry the byline of the story and script writer which shows up clearly in the film as it has little of both story and script. But looking back, the film had a potential for fun precisely because of the slender story. Lack of expertise in the director and for want of a better script, the film begins to collapse almost as soon as it begins.


It is all about a handsome young man (Anshuman) in a small town who, instead of being ogled at, is made the target of fun by the girls who live in the village and who come to visit. He is a medical student in the big town somewhere nearby and you find him the butt of his class simply because he is simple and good-natured. The only link to medicine suggesting its link to the title is one scene in the medical school which looks more like a village municipal school than a medical college. Anyway, when he visits his parents (Mrinal Mukherjee and Manasi Sinha), he finds that they have fixed his marriage to his father’s boyhood friend’s daughter and he immediately runs away from home. He makes friends with another runaway (Pasha) and the two land up in our hero’s maternal uncle’s (Ramaprasad Banik)’s house. It turns out that the girl his father fixed is his friend’s cousin who used to tease him for his naïve attitude. But the two fall in love and in the end, everything ends on a happy note.


If this review appears to be complicated and does not make much sense, it is because the film is complicated and the script does not make sense. In the beginning, with Mrinal Mukherjee and Manasi Sinha who hams us almost to death with her overacting and shouting – a mannerism she cannot get rid of in any film – you begin to feel this is a feel-good film for senior citizens. After some time, you are taken on another jaunt where some robbers, starving for food, are planning to kidnap a rich man’s daughter for a ransom. They are very bad robbers. Then there are episodes of the hero being taken for a ride by his friends and the girl he finally falls in love and ties the knot with never mind his medical education. There are a couple of bumbling policemen too to provide comic relief but they are not comfortable in their roles. Ramaprasad Banik is the only actor, other than Mrinal Mukherjee who try to invest some life into their ill-written roles. The fun in the film intending to be a comedy makes you want to cry.


Poor Pasha does not have a character solid enough to prove his acting skills though this is his debut film and his father is the director. The problem with Anshuman’s screen image is that at six feet plus, he has the well-built body of a man but an extremely effeminate and soft face worsened by a flawless complexion that is an absolute dream for skin cream manufacturers across the world. He looks very sweet in this film with his baby-like unspoilt expressions but all that fails to lift the film out of the dump-hole it belongs to. Thankfully, the director has executed economy in the songs and the song sequences and the less said about the camera, editing and music the better.

–  Shoma A. Chatterji

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1 thought on “Private Practice (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

  1. The story of Private Practice is about a guy, Sankar (Anshuman) who is a student of Medical College at Kolkata. He has left home to avoid marriage with as girl selected by his parents. On a railway platform, he has met Soven (Pasha) who is artist by profession. Soven has gone to a Ghost House for painting where a mafia gang has kept Suvomita (Aishwarya), daughter of an Industrialist.
    Soven has got there the bag full of half million rupees given by the Industrialist to the mafia gang and he wants to return the money to the industrialist. So the gang is in search of of them take shelter to Gunodhar and there Sankar meets neighbour Uma (Ratri )and falls him and he is escaping from them. Gunodhar (Ramaprasad Banik) is the maternal uncle of Sankar but Sankar has never seen him as his father cuts all the relations with Gunodhar for not getting Motor Bike as dowry.
    Both in love with her. In the meantime the mafia gang come there but they cannot find out Soven.
    In the mean time Police has come but they don’t arrest the gang on request by Suvomita.
    Now Sankar marries Uma and comes to know that Uma is the girl chosen by his parents. Soven has proposed Suvomita. Uma has come to know actual identity of Sankar and become fainted.
    Then Sankar starts his private practice getting Uma as his 1st patient!!

    Late Rama Prasad Banik is superb in his character. Pasha is good. Anshuman looked handsome but need to improve his acting skills a lot. Sandeep kar is ok in his debut as music director. The sufi song at the end is quite good. There are some drawbacks in technical field, but thanks to the director Panna Hossain for making a simple straightforward family comedy film.

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