Preview : Paani Puri


Mumbai August 29, 2008: Star One’s comedy maestros are here to stay! From The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai to Instant Khichdi, Star One is back with an all new sitcom – Paani Puri. Set against a backdrop where two families hailing from diverse cultures and backgrounds come to live under one roof, to cause mayhem and chaos! Adding to the excitement are the characters who, with their humor and comic sense get the audiences into splits. Vikas Puri played by Sumeet Raghavan and Divya Paani by Smita Bansal, the unusual and distinctive sitcom begins August 30th every Saturday @ 9.00pm only on Star One.  

The launch episode shows the two young couples Vikas Puri and  Divya Paani coming from different class and culture altogether are in love and wants to marry with each other. Divya bullies Vikas to meet her high profile parents ( played by Shagufta Ali and Homi Wadia ) and ask her hand for marriage. Vikas is totally unprepared to meet Divya’s parents and tries to postpone the meeting as much as he could but was unable to manage. Dejected Vikas heads towards Divya’s house in the hope that he will be successful in making a good impression on the Paani family. Destiny on the other hand had something else planned for Vikas Puri – to  make this as his most unlucky day…. It is said when one thing goes wrong they really go wrong!!!

What happens after that? Will the Paani family accept Vikas’s proposal? What does Puri family has to say about the whole relation? All this and much more confusion, comedy and dhamaal only on PAANI PURI exclusively on STAR One beginning this Saturday August 30, 2008 !!!  Leave all your worries behind and get set for a humorous show which showcases the clash of culture and class leaving you in splits. (SAMPURN)

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