Premiere of Antim Swash Sundar Bengali Film in Kolkata

Subrat Dutta, Indran Halder in movie Antim Swash Sundor
Subrat Dutta, Indran Halder in movie Antim Swash Sundor

Kolkata, Aug 16 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): The premiere of debutante director Kris Alin’s Bengali film Antim Swash Sundar (Last Breath Beautiful), starring Indrani Halder and Subrat Dutta in lead roles, was held at a multiplex here Monday evening.

Halder, who plays the female lead in the movie, said, “The film deals with the idea of what we think we want out of life, and how inadequate it becomes once we achieve it.”

Alin, whose real name is Anil Harbhajnaka, said, “It’s about realising that one day we’ll have to die and what ultimately matters is what we leave behind.”

Produced by Venus Creations, the film also stars actor Subrat Dutta in the lead.

Dutta said, “What struck me was how passionate Alin was about the movie. He was startlingly clear of exactly what he wanted and he stuck to his guns throughout.”

“That’s right. He (Alin) made no compromise on the quality of it, despite being a regional film and all. The entire presentation, cinematography everything is very stylized,” added Halder.

Upcoming music director Purbayan Chatterjee, who composed the film’s nine tracks, said “Like the movie, the music too is new age fusion based. It brims with a contemporary sound. The music is guided by the film.”

Paran Bandopadhyay, who plays a mystic in the movie, said at the premiere, “It’s nice to see how well-prepared people who enter the industry these days are. I think Alin will definitely be among the new wave of directors who are making an impact these days. ”

The director, who chose his pseudonym “because it contains Krishna, Christ, Allah and my original name in it”, said, “Despite not being a Bengali, I decided to make my first movie in the this language only because I belong to this city.”

Alin said Antim Swash Sundar is not the typical intellectual movie that is dished out these days and vouched that the film is ‘for the masses’.

“This movie is not difficult to understand. When a movie is difficult to understand, it becomes a niche film,” he added.

(Reporting by Divyanshu Dutta Roy)

Photos: Avishek Mitra/IBNS

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