Premi No. 1 (2009)

Premi No. 1  (2009)
Premi No. 1 is the latest romantic Bengali movie featuring beautiful Koel Mullick and Anubhab Mohanty. The film is directed by Debu Pattanayak and produced by Surinder Films. T. Souri composed the music in the romantic Bengali Cinema with lyrics from Gautam Susmit.

Premi No. 1 Bengali Film

Premi No. 1 Bengali Film

Cast: Koel Mullick, Anubhab


  1. Director Debu Pattanayak
  2. Producer Surinder Films
  3. Presenter Nishpal Singh
  4. Music Director T. Souri
  5. Lyrics Gautam Susmit

Why should you go to watch the film? To see Koel. Yes, this movis is only for Koel Lovers (including myself)!
Why Should you not go to watch the film? Numerous reasons.


Truly speaking, I do not like Anubhab for some reason. I think he is the most expressionless actor I have ever seen. So, I feel sorry for Koel that she has to work in a romantic film with him. He is probably OKAY in some of the action scene but other than that I simply can not handle this boy. (Sorry Anubhab. I have nothing against you. I am not being personal too. I just can not tolerate your screen presense). I believe he needs some dramatic change. Change in his STYLE, LOOKS, ACTING. Most of the time he does not even look or behave like a Bengali person either. Well. I stop here. If you are a fan of Anubhab, please don’t get angry. I only want him to succeed. But at the same time I wish to be honest. (If someone had a contact no. of Anubhab, please email to for interview).

Well, Premi No. 1 is basically a movie that you have seen so many times over the years. We still go to movie halls to see remakes. But I simply can not take this one. The storyline is kind of similar to the storyline of another upcoming Bengali movie “Challenge” by Raj Chakraborty starring Dev and Subhashree. Anubhab is a colleage goer who fell in love with Koel. Now Koel had to be the sister of a famous (read notorious) gunda. So, Premi No. 1 had to dance and sing with Koel while fighting with her strong big bro. End of Story.

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8 Responses to “Premi No. 1 (2009)”

  1. ahana says:

    i just hate that guy Anubhav Mohanty

  2. ahana says:

    just hate that guy Anubhav Mohanty

  3. ahana says:

    i dislike this guy very much

  4. arupananda muduli says:

    Ek number ka gay hai ye anubhav.He don’t know how to act.He is really a mad.

  5. DON says:


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