Prem Amar (2009)

Prem Amar is a 2009 Bengali Film by Raj Chakraborty, famous for Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and Challenge. Soham and Payel has come together in a romantic love story. Read Review, interviews, watch trailer, stills and ratings of the Bengali Film.

Prem Amar (2009)-Bengali Movie Review-Preview-First Look
Prem Amar is a 2009 Bengali Film by Raj Chakraborty, famous for Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and Challenge. Soham and Payel has come together in a romantic love story. Read Review, interviews, watch trailer, stills and ratings of the Bengali Film.

Prem Amar Bengali Film Poster
Prem Amar Bengali Film Poster


Review by: Shoma A. Chatterji (National Award Winning Film Critic)
  • Banner: Shree Venkatesh Films
  • Direction: Raj Chakraborty
  • Screenplay: Abhimanyu
  • Music: Jeet Ganguly
  • Lyrics: Priyo Chattopadhyay, Gautam Susmit and Anindo
  • DOC: Kumud Verma (Mumbai) and Somak Mukherjee (Ladakh)
  • Editor: Rabi Ranjan Maitra
  • Cast: Soham Chakraborty, Payal Sarkar, Laboni Sarkar, Biswajit Chakraborty, Supriyo Dutta and others
  • Date of Release: October 9, 2009
  • Rating: 7/10.

Prem Amaar Soham Payel Two
Prem Amaar Soham Payel Two

Raj Chakraborty

is unapologetic about his brand of popular entertainment. With three feature films in his kitty, he has understood the pulse of his whistling and cheering Bengali audience, felt that young romance will sell and done the needful. He has proved his power to keep the theatres packed to capacity with the audience craving for more.

Shree Venkatesh Films armed themselves with the legal copyright of a 2004 Tamil and Telugu. The result is Prem Amar. 9/G Rainbow Colony was simultaneously released in Telugu as 9G Brindhavan Colony. Both were thumping hits. Prem Amar is an exact copy of the original story, characterization and chronological narrative. Yet Raj, with his clever sleight of hand – meaning language, culture, lifestyle and treatment, has turned it into a Bengali film. This ingenuity marks him apart from other mainstream directors following the same ‘South Indian copy’ routine but without the same commercial impact.

Robi is a wayward, street side loafer whose father has written him off as a no-good waster. But Robi sticks his thumb at his condemning father and goes about roaming with his cronies, threatening old people in queues in the milk depot, raising hell in a cinema hall, teasing young girls, and drinking and smoking away to his heart’s content. He flunks his board exams once again and walks out of his home only to sleep on the roof with his galaxy of no-good friends.

Raj and his technical team, that includes the cameraman, the dialogue writer, the production designer, the music director and the lyrics writers, have left no stone unturned to reveal the underbelly of low-middle-class colonies in Kolkata complete with Rabi’s waster friends whose language is uncouth and spills over with cuss words, the opening song belted out with dregs of country liquor, the bus-stop where Robi waits to stare at Ria, the works. Everything changes when the pretty, classy, sophisticated and dignified Ria moves into the same dilapidated building where Robi stays. She belongs to a class much higher than Robi but the family had to move in because of the financial collapse of the family.

Prem Amaar Payel Sarkar
Prem Amaar Payel Sarkar

Soham Chakraborty as Robi and Payel Sarkar as Ria sparkle with the freshness of youth, vigour, energy and their magic chemistry. Yet, they are so different. The supporting characters have complemented them ably. The family scenes in both homes, shorn of cinematic frills and soppy sentiment, are drawn out very well. Jeet Ganguly’s music and lyrics by the trio of Priyo Chattopadhyay, Gautam Susmit and Anindyo define another character in the film with the nine song tracks vibrating through the cinematic space. The choreography and scripting of the opening song is second only to the lovely Jaagorey number by Anindyo.

The rest of the film is about how Robi tries to chase and woo Ria in his crude, coarse way and how the initially disgusted Ria who even throws up when she realises she has touched him without knowing, begins to respond. She warns that he will have to change himself if he wants to marry her. Robi gives up on academics but Ria hits on his command over the mechanics of two-wheelers. Robi lands a job in a garage and hands over his first pay-cheque to his father. But Ria knows that she can never marry Robi because the her family’s survival depends on her marriage to Rajeev. So what does she do? She decides to consummate their love and runs away to a guest house to make love to him. In a beautifully choreographed scene shot on the double bed of a guest house, the two make love, off-screen. “Today, we will only talk and share time with each other and tomorrow, we will go our different ways. I want you to live with the memory of this night,” she tells him. The next morning, as the two get into a heated argument, Ria rushes out to the streets, gets run over and is crushed to death. Robi tries to commit suicide, but realises that he will have to live on with his memories of Ria. The aggressive sexuality of a restrained, subdued young girl peels off the hypocrisy of Bengali middle-class morality for good. Ria has outstripped Robi in this low-key, underplayed scene.

So what’s wrong about the film? It is too long and drags the climax till it loses all sense of logic. The dream scenes in Ladakh are expendable. The violence in two scenes, the one where Rajeev’s hired goons bash up Robi in broad daylight on the street and again, when mobs gather to beat him up in the climax for holding up the traffic go over the board. The editing, with due respects to the talent of Rabi Ranjan Maitra, is surprisingly patchy at places where he allows the moon to divide two shots, or uses a sunrise perhaps. The background score is a bit too loud. The ghost touch just does not belong and the end is inconclusive. Otherwise, Prem Amar should mark Raj Chakraborty’s hat-trick in hits. Watch it for the unadulterated entertainment it offers.

Review 1: Prem Amar Bengali Movie

By: Kanishka, CT contributor
Prem Amaar Soham Chakraborty
Prem Amaar Soham Chakraborty

The wait is finally over.The much-hyped third directorial venture of Raj Chakraborty has finally released.Whether it can match the success of  “Chirodini tumi je amar” and “Challenge”, only time will tell. But,how good a movie is “Prem Amar”?

Story: Rabi (Soham), the protagonist, lives in a railway colony. His life is all about fooling around with friends, teasing girls , smoking or getting drunk at night. He has already failed four times in H.S. examination and he does not even think of career. At this juncture,a girl  Ria (Payel)comes to live in his colony and rabi falls head-over-heels on her. But, Ria’s parents want her to marry family friend Rajib,who also financially support their family. Although Ria ignores Rabi at first, but soon they become good friends. She motivates him to change his lifestyle and gets him a job too. But, Ria’s family
stands against this relationship. Against all odds, one night, Ria and Rabi meet and spend together. In the morning, Ria aanounces she will marry Rajib to support her family. This leads to a quarrel, Ria departs but faces an accident and dies while Rabi gets injured.After recovering, Rabi tries to kill himself but Ria’s soul makes him realize the need for him to glorify their love.

The first hour or so  of the movie completely  blows you away as director Raj Chakraborty brings out the true features of colony life to reel, you relate to Rabi and his friends instantly,laugh at their antics and Rabi’s efforts to impress Ria. Abhimanyu’s script (with punch of sex comedy) and the song ”Ku ru ku ku” ably support the flambuoyant direction. But,once the story drifts from comedy to serious tone, you find the magic wearing off ,your patience tested, the script slackens and the sequences start becoming unrealistic. The end is  heart-touching, but one can’t shove off this feeling that the ending
is forced, and does not go with the script at all.

About the performances, Soham is convincing as Rabi, though his voice is a big drawback. Also, he needs to work on the emotional scenes. Payel ,however, fails to impress, most of the times, she remains expressionless and never relly gets to the skin of the character. The rest of the cast play their roles convincingly. Jeet Ganguly seems to preserve his best for Raj Chakraborty, the tracks are full of variety and well placed. The cinematography deserves special mention, specially for portraying Ladakh as never seen before. No doubt, this movie is Raj Chakraborty’s movie-from the light-hearted beginning to signature tragic end, and though I would give Chirodini more marks,Prem Amar surely is no-nonsense movie.

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200 thoughts on “Prem Amar (2009)

  1. ol films of raj da r my favrit bt prem amar is da best………………da title song……uuuufffffff.toooooooooooo good.

    1. Paaayel SSSSSuupperb bt SSSohom……… needs attention!!
      Raj da abr phatiye diyecho……..
      Payel akta Kiss kote debe???????????


  2. Raj da tumi guru r payel so sweeeeeeet soham tumi suparb ami tomader 1ta kotha janai eta amar 1st natun trend er bengoli movie dekha aar nijer jaygate shooting sob chena jana.u guys realy did good job hope all da bst.bye

  3. Raj Daa fatiye diyecho . Raj Daa manei supar dupar bumper smash mega hit . r Jeet daa-r gaan mindblowing . Payel DI u r very good actress & Bittu Daa u r so sw. eet & very good actor . choto belar Horlicks er reaction ta ekhon hoyeche . r tumi khub khete bhalobasho shune ami khub khushi karon amio khub khete bhalobashi . Prem Amar er hole team ke janai best of luck & Happy Diwali . I love u all .

  4. ….PREM AMAR….
    it is veryyyyy good flim
    soham & payel are nice actor.
    Raj da tumi fatiye dieacho
    soham is far better than Dev.
    & Payel is far better than koel.
    impress the Music of Jeet Gunguly.

  5. Not sure how much credit we should give to Mr.RaJ Chakraborty for this flim. It is 100% copy of 9/G Rainbow Colony/.
    Yes if you junk Bengalis give credit for copy the you can give 200% to copy master Raj Chakraborty.
    I am not Bengali but understand Bengali. “Ekta kotha ache na PORER DHANE PODDARI” Mr.Raj is doing the same.

    1. molly nijer to tomar kono khomota nei onner talent ta choto koro keno.tumi nijeo kono kichu copy kore boro hoa dekao.copy kore setak nijer moto kore korteo onek talent lage. raj da is outstanding.tollywoode tufan aseche sudu matro raj dar jono.onner success k choto kore dekar habit ta abar bondo koro,u silly girl. anurag

  6. Hey payal this is to say that the first bengali film I watched was this”Prem Amar”

    And I can say that I fell in love with ur character

    hope that ur eye looks on it and can get a cahance to talk to u

    1. hey molly this is for u the i understand that the make drama is copied but the character are differnt wich can create a sensational attachement to any of the souling happin person

      ao this is clear u r having nothing in u

        1. Hey Molly,at least these “junk” bengalis will be able to get a chance to see a hit tamil movie in their mother-tongue as they wont understand tamil.And how dare you add an adjective “junk”!Its very easy to comment,you snub!

  7. Hello every body.Subho dipawali to Raaj Da, Soham and Payel.Also wish u Jeet Da and all the team of Prem Amar.Story, casting, composition, music r great.I am a fan of jeet da,prithibite bhason marar lok onek ache.Jara bolche eta onno movie theke copy kora tader jana uchit copy korar jonno talent thaka darkar.Story ba rythim copy kora jai but expression, looks r style copy kora jai na.Jeet da amra young generation erokom gaan chai r raaj da jara copy copy kore chitkar kore tara nijerai copy kora maal.Amra tomar sathe achi.Best of luck chaliye jao guru.Er theke better er ashate thaklam.Dekhle hobe khorcha ache.

  8. Dear Rajda,
    I have seen the movie premamar. It’s really good movie to watch in cenema hall. It’s good to seen that you are creating movie for all of ages. It’s really entertaining movie. I am glad to see that you have given oppurtunities to the young generation. Besides that i am little bit upset because of that you do not finish the film with a happy ending. I have seen you are giving sad ful end at the end. I will expect a another film with soham & Payel and ofcourse directed by you. They are very realistic and the chemistry was so good so far they have work together.

    Somnath Bhadra

  9. raj da tumi great,ki kore boi hit korate hoy ta tomar kach theke sekha uchit,r both bittu and payel khub bhalo kaj koreche,last 10 minutes bittur obhinoy fatafati,jodio ami bittur sathe aj theke koek bocchor aage kota serial e eksathe kaj korechi tobe eirokom obhinoy or kach theke pabo ami bhavte parini,just too good,r eta ekmatro tomar jonno sombhov hoyeche,ekta request rakhbe tumi jemon bittu ke chance diecho amakeo ekta choto sujog debe?ami sunechi tumi notun der nie kaj korte bhalobaso,ami tomar next film er ekta choto role ki pete parina?plz.rply me on

  10. raj da 1 dine tomar prem amar ek tana 3ta show keu bodhoi dekhe ni bt amar eta 1st bengoli movie jeta 1tana 3ta show ami dekhlam tumi guru………..jiyo.

  11. Raj da fatiye diyecho guru.Kono kotha hobe na.R jeet dar music to fatafati.Soham r payel er acting ta bes valo.Payel khub technical actor.Soham er acting akhane aalada matra peyeche.R frnd der niye adult joks gulo bes valo.Abhimanyu dar fochkami ta jayni akhono dekhch.Raj da er porer ta jeno aro valo hoy.

    1. Fafti,boler moto kichu nei,duniyar sob valo kotha aaksathe korleo kichu bolar thake na.200out of of luck for your thinking & imagination.sobar hridoy chuya niyacha”PREM AAMAR”.

  12. Prem Amar…… na a prem sabar
    In general ami commercial bangla film dekhina but Amar Prem 2mar Prem Amar er dikhe tane niye gache.
    It’s totally aajker diner golpo n boltei hoche Raj Chakraborty u r Suparb.
    Soham 2make khub bhalo lageche in all mood.
    Payel 2makeo khub bhalo maniyeche soham er pase

  13. The Movie was awesome the ending was also very good i like the last part it was superbbbbbbb….can’t explain in words…

  14. Really a Great Film. The Music was awesome.
    But there was a very very sad ending. I loved the movie but the ending so emotional. Overall it is a Nice Movie
    I would like to give a Thanks Mr. Raj Chakraborty for giving us a very nice movie. And Mr. Jeet Ganguly for his Mind blowing Musics.

  15. bangla cinema r chirachorit prem,obhab e bikiye jaoa maanus er jibon,4te kono rakom e gaan r last e marpit er sathe happy ending dekhe bangla cinema r je ekta level e bhata esechilo..tar sompurno punorujjibito korechhe rajda r cinema gulo.chirodini theke prem aamar puro tai unique style er ekdom durdanto direction.r payel er cheye sohom er obhinoy tai amar beshi bhalo jataaa rakom bhalo..and overall cinemata simply awesome.

  16. “Prem Amar” wat a flim…really outstading cinema… Music,Directon,Abhinoy sab fatafati.. Raj da ekebari fateye diechooo..sohoam tomar abhinoy hebby legeche… payel keo khub bhalo legeche….

  17. film is good but kothao jeno ekta khapchara byaper roye geche.mane chiro dini tumi je amar e je real sadness ta chilo,sei jinis ta kothao peleo seta khonosthayi hoyeche.r ektu bhalo hote parto.gaan gulo besh bhalo.

  18. Hi Payel,
    Your acting and U impressed me so much that I feel u every where. Raj da and bittu are also too good. Hope your next movie will be a big hit.

  19. Rajda satti tomaka je ki bolbo kintu aato tuku bolta chai tumi aamader bangla o puro indian filmer ek asadharan pratibha. Soham & Payal is as genious actor as all over the world that i think. ami khub dur thaka message pathachi. Uttar bangar sai coochbehar thakao aaro dura. Good Luck.

  20. Gooduda ami arj, amar pranam o Bhalobasa Niyo. Tumar act. khub bhalo lagacha. Aamaro Icche bangla film a kaj karar and ami ta tarai korbo.

  21. ami boe ta 10 bar dekheche tao mone hocchelo bar bar dekhi…. specially soham tomar actng ta ,,, uuufffff …. r raj tomake toh salute korche boss .. bapok flm banea cho…

  22. The expectation from Mr. Raj Chakraborty is lot. In in the creation of his 2 previous film, he has spooned out the public to give a diferent sparkles in his films. So naturally, in this third film” Prem Amar” a big expectation was waiting. The detailing of the middle class family drama and its sentiments is really appreciating.

    The photography in comparision to other bengali films, is almost graded into a better catagory. Only to mention, Shoham has to do much homework before he turns to camera. But Payel seems to me much matured i the serious scences, but has to be much more expressive in the over scenes.
    Overally, the film is to be liked to most of the views, especially to the loves and teenagers.

    Frrom Projjal

  23. Rajda satti tomaka je ki bolbo kintu aato tuku bolta chai tumi aamader bangla o puro indian filmer ek asadharan pratibha. Soham & Payal is as genious actor as all over the world that i think. ami khub dur thaka message pathachi. Uttar bangar sai coochbehar thakao aaro dura. Good Luck.

  24. Bapok cnema Raj da fatiye diechho tomar pratyek cinema te natunatya thake eta amar khub bhalo lage…..
    Payel o Soham er acting khub bhalo sudhu ektu payel ke mota lagchhilo But everything was too much enjoying


  25. (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORia) ei dialoug tar to kono kothai nai. Just fatafati. Sohom er acting dekhe ami to oke bhalobese falachi. IIIIIIII LOVVVVVVVE UUUUUU Sohom. ar Ria r to kono jabab nei.Or mukh ato misti je koyel r dike o takate bule gachi.

  26. Raj da is toooooooo good .Sohom(rabi) r acting just fata fati.Payal di o khub sweet.Sohom j “HORLICKS BOY” theke adult hoyacha dhaka kushi hoyachi.
    kintu sohom jodi”BREANOLIA”khato tahola 4 bar fail kor to na.toba jai hok na kano ami just fida SOHOM r jonno. please rply me.

  27. Prem Amar is a nice movie with a good plot. Soham really proves to be a good actor.
    There are only few flaws in the movie, like there was always full moon in each of the night sequences .

  28. payel is fabulas.soham o khubbbb valo.rajda khub sundar kaj kare amader ei chobi uphar diache.asha kori future aro eirakam pic dekhte is the best movie of 2009.

  29. Raj Da movie was dam gud .Congratulation tomake.kintu akta kotha tomake bolar chilo pls tomar movie gulo kintu tamil movie theke copy kora

  30. Sorry jeta bolte vule galumje pls ar copy korona….creativity aro ektu besi anle valo hoyna ki/??????/ekhon to bangla cinemar onek chol hoyegache tai tomra pls copy na kore notun kichu creativity dekhao..pls

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