Prateik Babbar on Bollywood movie ‘My Friend Pinto’ (Interview)

Bollywood Actor Prateik BabbarAug 14, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bollywood actor Prateik Babbar who started career with Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na, has already made his mark as a cerebral actor in films like Dhobi Ghat, Dum Maaro Dum and Aarakshan. The actor about his upcoming film My Friend Pinto. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

What are you playing in My Friend Pinto?

My character is called Michael Pinto. He is a simpleton from Goa and is unaware of the hi-end lifestyle of Mumbai…parties, masti and all that. He only knows about mamma’s cakes, going to church and read books. And then he comes to Bombay and the film is about one-night madness that he experiences in the city. It’s the story of one night full of funny incidents. My character is a mad one…he keeps falling down here and there and keep breaking things.

What made you choose a Mumbai college (Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics) to promote your film?

I promoted my film at NM College because I never went to college. I am a very bad example of a student. I used to never go to college, which is why it makes me very happy to be in a college atmosphere.

Most of the top industry people are full of praises for your acting prowess. Comment.

I am truly and deeply humbled.

Tell us about your on-screen chemistry with Kalki Koechlin in My Friend Pinto.

She is unbelievingly talented and very beautiful. She is a fun-loving girl and did not leave a singly chance to pull my leg during the shoots. I am not going to forgive her in my entire life. No…seriously, she is a really talented actor and a great person.

Who, according to you, acts like Pinto in Bollywood?

Naseersaab (Naseeruddin Shah)

Is it true that you don’t like interacting with public and media because they ask you so many personal questions?

I am high. I am just kidding. I don’t know how these stories come up. Those are not true.

Is Sanjay Leela Bhansali (filmmaker) helping you shape up your public image?

He has whipped me into shape. Mereko chadi se bahut maara Sanjaysir ne. (He canned me a lot).

After Aamir Khan’s Disco Fighter act in Delhi Belly, the demand for item boys is increasing in Bollywood. Want to try?

I am standing in the queue to be an item boy. I am ready to show you my skills. I also have a song to impress filmmakers. It goes like ek chance de do meri jaan tu…meri jaan de mauka…mauka de de.

You once said your friends used to call you a girl. True?

Yes. My friends used to call me a girl quite often. Even now the boys call me a girl. I tell them ‘Dude now I have vigour muscles. So stop calling me a girl now’.

How do you perceive your new-found stardom?

The word ‘star’ is a perception by people. We actors are normal people…we just do our job; and you (people and media) make us stars. I never think about it. I work on my career…acting, to me, is passion-driven.

Your mother Smita Patil (actor) passed away after you were born. So are your perception about her based on what you heard from people around you?

Ya…that’s it…what I hear from other people, her movies, family, stories and photographs.

What are you favourite performances by your mother?

I loved Chakra. But again, every performance of her is really very close to me  because I never got to see her. I never knew what she was. So when I am watching her movies, it’s as if she is talking to me.

Sreya Basu / Trans World Features (TWF)

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