Prasenjit Chatterjee on reality TV show ‘Takkar’

Jan 13, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IANS): His film  ‘Moner Manush’ has already won the hearts of audience. Now Tollywood actor Prasenjit Chatterjee will be seen as a special jury on the TV reality show ‘Takkar’, that will feature scores of talents ranging from dance, magic and comedy to drama, recitation and singing.   IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught up with the actor in an informal chat on the sets of ‘Takkar’.

What made you a part of this reality show?

The concept of this reality show is quite different from the others. People like us, who have worked for a long period of time; try to find something which will give you satisfaction. This is one such job where I have gained satisfaction while working.

Is it difficult to judge the competitors here?

Really the competitors are champions in their own sectors the judges are really finding it quite tough to choose the person to be eliminated.

What is that factor which makes this reality show different from others?

I feel that Bengali audience like to watch good programmes. I personally feel that a revolution is happening in both Bengali film as well as serials. ‘Takkar’ is such a good product. I feel that if we can  cater good products to the Bengali audience they will definitely love to watch Bengali programmes.

Referring to your film ‘Moner Manush’, what is that factor that made the film really challenging for you as an actor?

I feel that going back to that period and portraying that character was a different kind of an experience to me. It was really challenging to play character about whom I had very little reference and knowledge.

After playing so many different kinds of roles in recent moments, what expectations are your fans having from you?

This is a crucial period for any actor. Now Bengali audiences belonging to multiple strata of the society are expecting a lot from me and my films. It is a challenge for me to live up to their expectations and continue working in good films..

Do you consider that Dev and Jeet are your competitors?

I feel that they are the future of the industry, they will carry the industry forward.

(Photos Avishek Mitra/IBNS)

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