Prakash Jha to focus on piracy-politics nexus in his next

Mumbai, June 23 (Calcutta Tube) Prakash Jha, who is upset after BJP legislators in Rajasthan watched a pirated DVD of his film ‘Raajneeti’, plans to expose the nexus between piracy and politics in a political thriller that he plans to make.

Known for his socio-political exposes, Jha won’t allow the matter to die down. In the film, Jha intends to incorporate a sequence showing politicians enjoying the clandestine screening of a film. To add to the irony, the film that these politicians would be watching will be ‘Raajneeti’.

‘It is very important for politicians to set the right example. And we need to create an awareness of political responsibilities through cinema,’ said Jha.

On June 15, BJP legislators in Rajasthan watched a pirated DVD of ‘Raajneeti’ while they were locked up in a hotel ahead of the Rajya Sabha polls.

‘Apparently, these MLAs couldn’t tell the difference between a pirated DVD and legitimate DVD,’ said Jha who would’ve happily arranged a special screening of ‘Raajneeti’ for them.

Apparently, an FIR has been filed against the MLAs, but Jha doesn’t believe the law can be effective in a case of viewing a pirated DVD.

‘At the most, the police will visit the hotel where the MLAs allegedly viewed the DVD. There will be no evidence of their wrongdoing. The matter will end there,’ he said.

For those who saw the pirated DVD of his film, Jha has a special gift coming up. He will give a legitimate DVD of the film to each of the 79 MLAs when it is officially released in two weeks’ time.

‘I hope they would finally see the difference between the grainy bootleg version of the film that they allegedly saw in Jaipur and a legally manufactured DVD of ‘Raajneeti’,’ said Jha a tad caustically.

The love-making scene between Arjun Rampal and Shruti Seth will be deleted from the DVD, since Jha doesn’t want our politicians to get ‘unnecessarily worked-up when there’s so much to be done in building the nation’.

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