Pragati Mehra-From a shy girl to Divya Thakur in Uttaran

Explore the actress Pragati Mehra in an intimate interview where she talks about Uttaran and more.

Pragati Mehra-From a shy girl to Divya Thakur in Uttaran

Explore the actress Pragati Mehra in an intimate interview where she talks about Uttaran and more.

After acting in many serials and doing around 45 commercial Ads, Pragati Mehra talks about how she went through the journey of her life from a shy girl in Delhi to Divya Thakur in Uttaran.

How did you get Uttaran?

Uttaran is a very interesting concept. I actually got this offer through a social networking site. One of the concerned people from the casting site they have asked me would you like to do another show for colors, that time I was doing Kumkum on Star. Colors was not launched that time, so I didn’t knew about it, but I don’t have a problem with any channel as far as the work is interesting enough. I have to do almost 5 to 6 trial for this show.

How is your bonding with your co- actors?

We all had a good bonding with each other. We are shooting from 8-9 months and some times the set up becomes as such that everybody gets along very well. We all, even the directors and producers, whether we are on the sets or outside somewhere we socialize a lot. We all give our inputs for the show, so nobody gets annoyed, because obviously it is going to be good for the show.

Show has taken a leap? At any point of time did you think that whether it will work or not?

Yes we all including the channel had to think whether we are doing the right think, because audiences were used to kids, they were their protagonist, but at that time child’s story was over. We have shown their Jealousy, their love, but we can’t show much more in them, we can’t show the love triangle between kids. So that’s why we took a leap. It paid off in a better way. Character became bigger than actor.

Where is the show going to go further?

Ichcha and Veer’s love story is going on. Drama is going to get created; first we were not ready for the marriage now Veer’s family is not getting ready. It is going to be how veer will let his love story happen.

What are your hobbies?

I used to socialize a lot, whether I am off set or on the set. When ever I used to get time I used to open my laptop and start chatting. Read screenplay when on the sets. I spend a lot of time with my mom. I like to party a lot. I love to cook a lot. But for a very long time I haven’t. I used to drive a lot but after coming to Bombay I have started hating driving. Off late I have developed a interest in reading, non-fiction book.

Marriage plans?

Not right now. But don’t know, anything can happen any time. I don’t think so marriage needs to be planned like 5 year plan, but when it will have to come, it will come.

Future plans?

There are no future plans as such. I believe that somebody calls you for look test or narrates you a story than I can’t say that I am going to do that serial. The serial which at the end I start working on than you can say that’s mine. Something like that happen with a serial, everything was finalized but at the last moment I have to say no because I have to go to Gujarat for that show, and Uttaran was going on in Mumbai, so it didn’t work. The show was supposed to air on Zee and the name of the serial was Jhansi Ki Rani. I also did an Ad shoot Ten days back at Kerela. It was for jewellery. A very famous designer from Kerela called Kalyan Jewelers. It is going to be release at south. It is also made in Malayalam. I definitely would like to do a reality show. But that to depend on what is offered.


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  1. I want to ask Miss Pragati Mehra whether her longhair shown in the TV Serial Uttaran is really longhair or she wears a wig.

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiii
    i want to gont uttrang

  3. Heyyyyyyyyy…..pragati i love your screen presence….U r truly looking gorgious and hot i can say….likeeeeee traditional bhartiya nariiiiiii..I simply crushing on you…I just want to have chat with you once….I watch this show because you and tapasya….u both rockssssss…….

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