Prachi Desai comfortable doing intimate scenes (Movie Snippets)

New Delhi, June 24 (Calcutta Tube) There were reports that Prachi Desai doesn’t like doing intimate scenes and that she refused to lip-lock with Tusshar Kapoor in ‘Life Partner’, but the actress rubbishes it saying that she never made such claims.

‘Nobody asked me before writing this. There was no kissing scene in ‘Life Partner’ because it was not required. If it was required and if I would have not been comfortable doing it, then they would have cast someone else for the role,’ said Prachi, who made her Bollywood debut as Farhan Akhtar’s on-screen wife in ‘Rock On’.

She has done some intimate scenes with Emraan Hashmi in her forthcoming film ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ and says that she didn’t find any difficulty in doing them.

‘Even in ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’, I was told about the intimate sequence in the song. There was nothing I would feel uncomfortable about or I would have to refuse to do. Nothing was actually required in this film. If you see these stories (about being uncomfortable doing intimate scenes), no one is quoting me,’ she added.


When Priyadarshan offered Akshay his spectacles

Filmmaker Priyadarshan, who has given hits like ‘Hera Pheri’ and ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ with Akshay Kumar, not only shares a great professional relationship but also shares a strong personal bond with the actor.

The bonding was evident when the duo came together to shoot for an advertisement for Manappuram Gold Loan. The team was struggling to find the perfect pair of glasses that would complete Akshay’s look for the ad, that’s when the director stepped in and offered Akshay his glasses.

‘Priyan-ji has never parted with his glasses. However, while settling on a pair for Akshay’s look in the ad, he insisted that Akshay wear his glasses. Akshay was touched by his gesture,’ said a source.

Priyadarshan has often praised Akshay as being the actor with the best comic timing. He recently said: ‘I’ve seen Akshay grow from ‘Hera Pheri’ to ‘Khatta Meetha’, I can proudly say that he is an actor at par with anyone else. His body language, emotions, dialogue delivery and comic timing are impeccable with realism and subtlety to them.’


Cops not bothered about my complaint: Meghna Naidu

Item girl Meghna Naidu has expressed her disappointment over the lack of concern by the police towards her complaint filed after her gmail account was hacked.

The hacker used her account to write obscene messages to her friends.

‘The cops at the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell gave a passive response when I approached them with the details of the hacker who hacked my account. They were least bothered about my complaint,’ Meghna said in a statement.

She had approached Senior Inspector and Cyber Cell Incharge Mukund Pawar, but he seemed completely disinterested.

‘The cops didn’t even pay cognizance to the fact that I had actually managed to get them the IP address of the hacker, something that they are expected to track. They were not even bothered to look it up in their database,’ she added.

Her ex-publicist, Dale Bhagwagar who had helped the actress find out the hacker’s IP addresses said: ‘It took me five minutes to look up the hacker’s IP addresses to help Meghna. But when I escorted her to Cyber Crime, the cops told us, they will take a week to investigate who these IPs belonged to.’

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