Power company warns customers against impostors

New Delhi, June 8 (IANS) One of Delhi’s power distribution company, the BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL), Tuesday asked its customers to beware of impostors, following the arrest of four people posing as its officials..

‘Customers are advised to ascertain and verify the identity of persons claiming to be from BSES, who visit their premises. Customers are urged to guard against impostors posing as BSES employees,’ a company spokesperson said.

The company’s caution comes after the arrest of four men posing as the BSES Rajdhani officials and demanding Rs.50,000 from a resident of Uttam Nagar after an ‘inspection’ of his electricity metre.

‘However, the alert customer called up the BSES office following which the four were arrested and an FIR lodged against them,’ the spokesperson said.

He said the BSES urges its customers to guard against ‘unscrupulous elements’, who are out to make quick money in a ‘clandestine’ manner and tarnish the company’s image.

‘The customers are advised to inform the nearest BSES office or dial 100 after they notice anything suspicious.’

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