Porky and Bess-Book by Ellen Weiss, Mel Friedman

Sept 5, 2010: Porky and Bess-Book by Ellen Weiss, Mel Friedman

Illustrated by Marsha Winborn

Random House New York

Porky and Bess is a book by Ellen Weiss, Mel Friedman for kids on the friendship of a piggy and a cat named Porky and Bess. Buy the book online.

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Porky, the pig and Bess, the cat are best friends. They are so much different from each other. Porky likes mess, lives alone. Bess has three kittens and like to have everything perfect.

The two friends see each other and sometimes would do things together like go skating. Bess helped Porky bake a special cake with nighttime in it. Porky on the other hand would write a poem for reading it on the Poem Reading Day. And on the special day he reads the poem which is all about Bess, thanking her for being his best friend.

A good read on friendship and the illustrations are gorgeous.

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