Popularity factor has gone up -Mona Vasu


The jungle queen, Mona Vasu is on cloud nine after winning the reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao. The actress in a tête-à-tête talks about her experience and take away from the show. She also converse of how her popularity factor has raised and transformed her from an introvert to extrovert in real life.

How does it feel to become a jungle Queen?

Obviously I feel good. We all have gone through hardship in the jungle but at the end only one could win and it was me. I really thank my audiences and fans for supporting me all through my journey in the jungle

How has been your journey in the jungle?

It has been a very exciting journey with lots of ups and downs for me. There were lots of things that I wasn’t prepared for like being on camera for 24X7.I am a very private person and loved my space so living with people and on camera was one thing I was not sure about. But at the end I managed to live and win the show too. I took up the show as I’m an adventurous person and the show had lots of challenges and thus I was very kicked about the whole thing. All I can say is that it was a roller coaster ride for me.

The most memorable moment in the jungle

There are many but if you want me to elaborate one incident than it would be the picnic on Independence Day. We all were given freedom for 5 to 6 hours and had fun on the beach too. Also we had a good meal on that day which was nice for a change. Another memorable moment was a fashion show in the jungle. Adding another to the feather of the memory was some stupid things like staying awake for long at nights and craving for tea, though it was a different case where we had to sleep without fulfilling our carve.

The most embarrassing moment in the jungle

There was an embarrassing moment in the jungle but that is too censored to talk about. All I can say was it is related to our changing room which was too small and the cloth hanging on the room was 10 inch uplifted from the ground so it was difficult for us and we had to be careful while bending too. (grins)

Who do you think was your true friend there?

The first person was Ishq Bector, he became good friend and then it was Anaida. We had become really close friends and still we all three meet. Another person that I would like to name is Chitrakshi, she is so positive and nice girl. She always stood up for others and that’s what I like about her. Aman is another one to be added in the list thought we did not talk much. Last but not the least is Negar. She was the hard worker and a very sweet girl too.

What did you like and dislike about the show?

Likes:- The challenges and staying experience in the jungle. I also loved those moments where I got to test my patience and endurance. Now I feel much stronger and wiser too.

Disliked:- The food which we were given in the jungle i.e. either Soya rice or dal rice was bit difficult to gulp in. Basically I like to eat Soya rice but Chetan loved dal rice, so we decided that thrice a week we will have dal and other three days Soya. When ever dal used to come, I had to literally swallow it. Another factor I disliked was the uncut bathing scenes.

What else did you gain from the jungle besides winning the show?

I have learnt to be more social. Before this show happened, I was very much with my self and most of the time use to feel lazy to go out and meet friends. After staying with so many different people in the jungle, this experience has transformed me and now I feel more active than ever. Even my food pattern has changed and I have realized that too many spices spoil the taste of the vegetables.

Besides you who do you think deserved to win?

I feel who ever came in final three that’s Chetan and Anaida with me are truly a winners. The winner was decided at last on the audience voting and I was thankfully their favourite but that does not take anything away from them (Chetan and Anaida). In short all three of us are winner I feel.

Do you think this show has provided the extra fame to your name?

I don’t know since I have come back, I have been busy interacting with media and fans. But yes people now recognize me from the jungle and keep asking me about how I did the entire task and about whole occurrence in the show. All I can say is that popularity factor has gone up for me. But at the end I wish that what every work comes my way, I want to enjoy it

So what is next project after your jungle trip?

I have just recently returned from the jungle so definitely out with family is my priority but yes I do want to go back to my fiction shows. I did get a lot of offers but there was nothing that interests me. All I can say that I did a reality show for the experience but to be frank enough I don’t want to go away from the fiction shows. So let’s see what comes next in my way.

-Rachana Trivedi/ Sampurn Media

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