Politics influencing Suvaprasanna’s art

SubhaprasannaMay 20, 2012 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Eminent painter Suvaprasanna was recently in Dhaka for a solo exhibition jointly organized by Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts (Dhaka) and Akar Prokar Art (Kolkata).Excerpts from the conversation:

your paintings were exhibited in Dhaka, So, how was your experience?

This is not the first time that I have done a show in Bangladesh. Earlier in 1989 I did a show over there.

It was good. I received an excellent review. Both Indian and Bangladeshi media covered the event. People over there want me to showcase my works more often. This time my theme was ‘Anarchy and the Blue’. It was a successful event.

What was your experience back in 1989?

Initially, I was not that excited but few painters, intellectuals and ministers called me up to say that they would prefer to see my work over there.

And moreover, when I came to know that I have a number of fans over there who are eager to see my work, I was quite convinced then.

There is a huge gap of 22 years between these two solo exhibitions. Were there any differences?

We are changing everyday including you and me. There are no such changes in the cultural realm. But, yes I am more politically involved these days which is changing my perception about a lot of things. Hence, my art is also getting influenced by it.

What is your take on the collaboration between Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts (Dhaka) and Akar Prokar Art (Kolkata)?

I think that due to this exhibition the friendship between these two countries will enhance. But, there are few people who are against this cultural collaboration as they still consider India to be an enemy country. If this situation can be overcome then it will help both the countries to strengthen their relationship.

What inspires you for your paintings?

I draw inspiration mostly from human beings. Sometimes it is represented through icons. My work generally consists of an entire series.

What interests you most giving shape to your work? Is it imagination or capturing real life?

The concept comes from inner perception. Every individual has his own perception that differs from one another.

Do you require mood to work?

Since we are professionals, we don’t depend on mood. We work regularly. Once I start working the mood automatically develops.

One of your favourite subjects is crow; but why?

It is natural to choose crow as a subject as we stay in Kolkata. I believe that they are also the citizens of Kolkata.

Shreejata Niyogi, Tania Roy / IBNS

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