Police seize ‘3 Idiots’ pirated DVDs

On December 26th SS Branch and Bandra Police along with AA Khan and Associates a raid near Bandra station and seized over 2500 DVDs & CDs.

The raid uncovered 69 DVDs of 3 Ididots (released on Dec. 24th & Aamir Khan’s starrer),500 DVDs of Avatar and 366 DVDs of PAA (A B Corp’s film, Directed by R Balki and have high profile cast like Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan etc.) all movies which have released recently.

The raids were a joint operation by police department and A A Khan & Associates. PI Tangad Palli from SS Branch, PI A V Chaudhri from Bandra Police station and 3 member team from AA Khan and Associates, headed by Mr. Dhanavade (Former Sr. Inspector) Field officer Habib Rehman Khan and Joseph.

Police has also arrested 2 accused Jahangir Khan (Age21) and Mohamed Sameer (Age 21) and were booked under sections 51, 52(A), 63, 68(A) of Copyright Act along with sections 292A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Says Mr. AA Khan, “Piracy is a serious offence and one which is rampant within major parts of the city. We along with Mumbai Police are dedicated to the cause of arresting the increase of such activities. However, the job of the police is nullified since the common man goes and purchases movies from such pirates. People need to remember that besides denying the creators of the content their fair share, the proceeds from such sales fund several illegal activities including terrorism in India and abroad.”

-Sampurn Media

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