Please don’t club me with Rahat: Adnan

Mumbai, Feb 27 (Calcutta Tube) Singer-composer Adnan Sami is none too pleased by attempts in the Pakistani media to club his case with that of Pakistani singer Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who was arrested in Delhi airport earlier this month for carrying undeclared foreign currency.

Attempts have been made by the Pakistani media to get in touch with Adnan and his family in Pakistan and India.

Says Adnan angrily: ‘I don’t know why the Pakistani media is bringing my name up in Rahat’s context. I am doing just fine.’

‘Yes, I’m in a spot of trouble with the government over a foreign exchange issue. But you can’t compare my problem with Rahat’s. I had done everything according to official instruction. It was the authorities who did not read the fine print,’ he adds.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was arrested at the Delhi airport Feb 13 for carrying undeclared foreign currency. He has since been released and returned to his country.

Adnan sidesteps the strong rumours that he is under renewed threat from a regional political party to leave India.

‘There will be the party-poopers in every situation. You can’t run away and hide just because some people want to get rid of you. Let me make it very clear that Mumbai is my city. This is where I now belong. And no one can drive me out,’ he said.

Reacting to rumours that he still maintains a Pakistani passport, Adnan sighs: ‘My application for an Indian passport has almost come through. I’ll soon be an Indian citizen.’

‘Until then, yes, I do hold a Pakistani passport. Does that make me a Pakistani? We’ve an example of a very important and beloved leader (Sonia Gandhi) coming from Italy,’ he adds.

‘How Italian would you consider this beloved leader who is dedicated to Indian politics? Nationality is a state of mind. I am Indian. I dare anyone to prove otherwise,’ he says.

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