Plane spotting Britons could face jail, fine, say cops

New Delhi, Feb 22 (IANS) The Delhi Police Monday told a city court that the two British nationals arrested for alleged plane spotting were being charged for a non-cognizable crime under the Indian Telegraph Act and could also be fined or face a jail term.

The police submitted an non-congnizable offence report in the court, which would hear the matter Tuesday.

The two, Stephen Hampston (46) and Steve Martin (55), were detained from Radisson Hotel near the Delhi airport last week after the hotel staff gave a call to the police about their suspicious activities.

Rajiv Awasthi, the lawyer for the Britons, said he had moved an application in the court for his clients to be presented before the court and it will also be heard Tuesday.

Under the Indian Telegraph Act, the duo could be fined up to Rs.1,000 as they were not accused of violating serious provisions.

A case under the Telegraph Act Section 20 (read with Section four) was registered against them Sunday. If convicted, they will have to serve a prison term of up to three years, or pay fine up to Rs. 1,000, or with both.

However, the offence which they committed falls under bailable and non-cognizable crime.

The British nationals, who are employed with the railways in Britain, were confined to Radisson Hotel near the International Airport and were later shifted to the Lampur Detention Centre on Feb 17.

Hampston and Martin were detained with hi-tech equipment used for recording conversation between the Air Traffic Control and the pilot, besides a high-powered binocular.

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