Piyalir Password (2009)-Bengali Movie Review

Piyalir Password is a Bengali Thriller Film entirely shot in United States, directed by Raj Basu. The film is ready to be released next month. Piyalir Password has some of the leading starts of Bengali Cinema from Kolkata including Rituparna Sengupta, Kaushik Sen, Roopa Ganguly and Sabyasachi Chakraborty. The film is about conspiracy in corporate world and medical ethics set in Biotech corridor of Maryland. The film is being presented by “Center for Social Change”.

Piyalir Password (2009)
Piyalir Password is a Bengali Thriller Film entirely shot in United States, directed by Raj Basu.  Piyalir Password has some of the leading starts of Bengali Cinema from Kolkata including Rituparna Sengupta, Kaushik Sen, Roopa Ganguly and Sabyasachi Chakraborty. The film is about conspiracy in corporate world and medical ethics set in Biotech corridor of Maryland. The film is being presented by “Center for Social Change”. Check out reviews, Photogallery, Showtime, Interview with Raj Basu at Calcutta Tube.

Piyalir Password - Rituparna Sengupta - Bengali Thriller
Piyalir Password - Rituparna Sengupta - Bengali Thriller

Director: Raj Basu
Cast: Rituparna Sengupta, Kaushik Sen, Roopa Ganguly, Sabyasachi Chakraborty,
Music: Bikram Ghosh

“A fast-paced suspense thriller set in Maryland, USA where a young woman comes to the United States from India to complete the legal formalities of her scientist sister’s accidental death.  However, as she tries to wrap things up, to her horror she discovers that perhaps her sister’s death was not accidental. Caught in a web of conspiracy in a foreign land she struggles to get behind the truth, determined to unravel the mystery behind her sister’s untimely death.
Piyalir Password, the first Bengali film shot entirely in USA, is about corporate conspiracy and medical ethics set in the Biotechnology industry of USA. It is a story of conspiracy, search for truth, love, trust and betrayal.  It has an international cast of actors from India, USA, South Africa, Russia and other nations.”

The Trailer of Piyalir Password:
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World Premiere

Raj Basu’s Bengali thriller Piyalir Password was screened to the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia audience at a World Premiere held at the Jewish Community Center Kreeger Auditorium in Rockville, Maryland on April 4, 2009. The sponsors of the event, Center for Social Change, which works with individuals with developmental disabilities, plans to take the film to select cities in the US to reach out to the Indian community and create awareness about their work. Along with several members of the US-based cast and crew and the director Raj, Indian actors Roopa Ganguly and Rituparna Sengupta who play leading roles in the movie, flew in from Kolkata to attend the event.
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Songs of Piyalir Password:

  • Satyer Nirjanatai – Rupankar
  • Tumi Robe Nirobe – Swagatalakshmi  Dasgupta
  • Moner Alo Andhare – Jojo
  • Chokh – Rupam Islam
  • Anyo Deshe – Keka Ghosal

Release Schedule:

* April 4, 2009: Washington DC / Maryland / Virginia
* April 5, 2009: Detroit, Michigan
* April 11, 2009: New Jersey & Houston, Texas
* April 12, 2009: New York
* Release in Kolkata, India after US and UK Releases

Piyalir Password Movie Review by Bangla Podcast:

Piyalir Password is a fast-paced, nail-biting medical thriller set in the backdrop of a medical research institute in Maryland. Piyali, played by Roopa Ganguly, a biomedical research scientist is unexpectedly found dead in her laboratory at an unearthly hour due to a mysterious gas leak. Rituparna, who plays the victim’s sister Rupa, has traveled from India to wrap up her sister’s legal formalities and execute her will. As she becomes involved in investigating her sister’s untimely death many uncertainties surface- is this just an innocuous accident or does it reek of foul play? Did Piyali fall victim to a deadly medical conspiracy or is her sister being overtly suspicious? As the plot unravels, Rupa is caught in a swirl of mystery in a foreign land as she struggles to get behind the truth and is forced to question other facets of her sister’s life. What is her brother-in-law concealing; does her niece know more than she dares to share? Who are Piyali’s colleagues really, are they as innocent and blameless as they seem? Is Samar, played by Sabyasachi, merely a friend?

The director has accomplished the task of pulling together stalwarts of the Bangla film industry in an effort to produce a movie of notable standard in spite of being handicapped by a low budget. This houses eminent actors like Rituparna Sengupta, Koushik Sen, Roopa Ganguly and Sabyasachi Chakraborty coupled with an international cast of actors from the US, South Africa, Russia and few other nations. Bickram Ghosh’s sound design establishes the reality of the tension, suspense and emotions. Being the first Bangla movie shot entirely in the US, there is a sense of credibility in the lifestyle depicted in the film. The scientific aspect, an intrinsic component of the plot focusing on Type A Diabetes and its medical cure, creates a thrilling suspense making the conspiracy very plausible and well researched. The director has effectively used robust imagery in conveying deeper insights as is indicated by the name itself. As a caveat to the future audience…. pay close attention to every detail of the film.

Reviewed by Anupa John, resident of Cleveland, Ohio and Marketing Manager of a national bank.

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I Look For the Good Script – Rituparna Sengupta – Watch Piyalir Password Trailer/Video/Clips

Photo gallery of Piyalir Password – Behind the Scene

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14 thoughts on “Piyalir Password (2009)-Bengali Movie Review

  1. now here comes another movie that will help returning some more people (i mn the people who have stopped watching bangla cinma ) to the theatres … a really crispy thriller with smart and rocking looks .. packed up with modern concepts and ideas .. n ofcourse based on a very good storyline .. the music rocks .. the drum beats enhance the thrill feels a hundred times .. realy an excellent effort by the director and producer .. it doesnot matter whether t becomes as big a hit as ‘minister fatakeshto’ n the like or not .. ths are the movies we want to see.. these are the movies that cn take bangla cinema to a height higher than the sky .. piyalir password .. watch t f u r a real well wisher of bangla cinema .. watch t if u really love ur mothr tongue .. watch t if u want to see bangla cinema standing proudly in front of the whole world .. (ofcourse not for the budget ).. but for the ideas, but for the content .. we do want more movies like this .. that will be based on some realy modern concepts ..

  2. It is amazing to see some bengali movies that shows the glimpse of 80’s talents, if more classy movies comes like this, the dwindling bengali spectators can be revived and so the tolly industry. 🙂

  3. Exclusive Interview with Raj Basu coming up at CalcuttaTube.Com shortly. We proise to reveal the “Raaz Behind Raj Basu” to all! It was wonderful experience to talk to Rajda. CalcuttaTube wishes great success of Piyalir Password all over the globe.

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  4. Interview with Amitabha Neil Ray, art director of Piyalir Password is coming up in few days.
    Amitabha Neil Ray talked about his film “Charu Unspoken” and experience with Piyalir Password, working with Raj Basu.

    Come back and check out the interview shortly. Interview with Raj Basu is complete and will be released soon after the press release of Amitabha Neil Ray’s interview at CT.

    Enjoy all.

  5. Looks like everyone commenting here drank from the cool-aid. Saw the movie, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Yes, it has an international cast and that was the only redeeming feature of the movie. Talented actors and actresses got lost in a poor script and bad direction. The story was OK and could have been treated many degrees better without spending additional money. Sorry Raj, I understand it is an amature movie with little budget, but that doesnot excuse bad storytelling and vision for the movie. This is not to discourage you, but to encourage you to be better. Nothing worse for creativity then believing your own hype.

  6. Pilayer Password opens the door towards a new generation of Bengali Cinema all over the world. Bengalis are now spread out all over the globe and a movie like “Piyalir Password” really brings them together. Kudos to Raj Basu for Making such a great Bengali Thriller like “Piyalir Password”.

    Thank You.

  7. Hello Anon!
    We have not watched the film yet. So unable to comment about the film itself. We are trying to cover the movie ASAP even before it releases in Kolkata.

    I will be glad to have some more comments about Piyalir Password here.

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