Photography Exhibition by Srikant Kolari in Kolkata on May 13

May 12, 2011 (Calcutta tube / IBNS): Photographer Srikant Kolari’s collection “Thereafter…” an inspiration from the stories narrated to him by people who have been suffering, will be showcased from 13th May  to 23rd May, 2011 at the Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre, Kolkata.

In “Thereafter…” Srikant uses light not as a symbol of hope, but to highlight this festering of the wounds. The pervasive fogginess in the images makes it difficult to envision a future. He is a photographer who listens to shoot.

Complete Gallery

Photography by Srokant Kolari
Tsunami surviving children going for fishing on a small wooden raft in Pichavaram village, Kadaloor district



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