Photographer Khyati Sheth on ‘Force’, Vidyut Jamwal (Interview)

Mumbai, Nov 7 (IBNS): Photographer Khyati Sheth talks about her latest photo shoot. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

While Vidyut Jamwal broke the typical image of Bollywood villains, the industry’s new happening photographer Khyati Sheth did not lose a second to pick up her lenses and make the ‘Force’ stud pose for her.

And the results showed in the latest issue of Cineblitz magazine where Khyati caught Vidyut’s born-free attitude with panache.

IBNS correspondent Sreya Basu caught up with Khyati, daughter of veteran lensman Jayesh Sheth, on her latest photoshoot.


How did the shoot happen?

It so happened that, I watched the movie Force and Vidyut’s performance awestruck me. As a photographer it’s evident that I am constantly looking out for new photogenic faces and Vidyut’s audacious presence really impressed me. He was a perfect face to shoot I thought to myself. Nevertheless, I happened to call him and his respectful response encouraged me to go forward. Also I would love to thank Achla Sachdev for her guidance and support  as she was the one who further put everything in place and rest yeahhh we went on to Clickk, Clickk, Clickk…..

This is the first time you are shooting for a film magazine? (Kiran Janjani was for LIFE magazine)

Yes, Kiran’s shoot was first. It was a very new experience for me and must say I was very proud of myself.

How do you know Vidyut?

I know Vidyut as I met him once in Bombay Times Party he was a model then….that time who knew we would end up doing a shoot with each other.

How is he as a ‘model’?

Must say he is outstanding as a model. His body language is very complimenting. As a photographer I have an eye for a perfect blend of a great posture and appealing expression, and Vidyut’s persona conveyed that exceptionally well; he is very clear about his profile.

How was the experience during the shot?

It was an overwhelming experience, as for me I was shooting a ‘star’ for the first time and that comes with a great responsibility, but it was a very good experience, and I am looking forward for such shoots.

Where did you shoot?

We shot Indoors in my studio, we tried and made use of every corner of the Studio as I didn’t wanted to waste any phase of the block.

Any funny/memorable incident during the shoot?

It so happened that I was shooting in my studio. Suddenly I got a call and went out. From there I saw a beautiful dash of light on the 2nd floor of the corridor as I am situated on the 8th floor…I rushed inside and called out everybody as I didn’t wanted to miss that Golden Light…we all rushed…I was with my Camera…my assistants were following me…Vidyut was puzzled as he didn’t know what was happening….we were shouting our lungs out regarding clothes and other stuff…I told Vidyut ‘Get into your black’…lift was not working so while coming down the staircase he was changing clothes. We didn’t realise how funny it was getting as we all were screaming n shouting at each other. Finally I shot and to my surprise I got a Magical Picture.

What’s on the pipeline?

Hehehe!!! As for this, you will have to keep tracing me and wait for next one to come. As I love to surprise everybody, I will surely come up with a Big Surprise shortly. Till then keep wishing me luck, Thank-U.

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