Philips launches new range of LEDs, LCDs ultra slim TVs

New Delhi, Oct 14 (Calcutta Tube) Philips Wednesday launched a new range of LEDs, LCDs and ultra slim TVs, which it said would redefine the premium television market in India.

The company unveiled 15 models of LEDs, 8 models of LCDs and 5 models of ultra slim TVs. The price range of the LED TVs starts from Rs.26,500, while that of LCD TVs from Rs.16,499. The price range for ultra slim TVs starts from Rs.5,290.

The company also said it would launch its flat panel TV range under the flagship model Cinema 21:9 TV, world’s first cinema proportion 3D LED pro TV with ambilight, very soon.

‘At Philips, we are committed to our goal of becoming the leading television brand by 2012 and are confident that the new range of televisions launched are a step in that direction,’ said Neeraj Sethi, chief operating officer, Philips television India.

The LED TVs are loaded with high definition screen which helps deliver higher quality and flicker free pictures with superb brightness.

The LCD televisions have the exclusive DDHD3E (digital dynamic Hi-definition engine 3rd generation) technology which enhances colours and contrast by adopting a new generation chip to add crispness, clarity and detail to images.

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