Pet parrot’s flight to freedom busies Bhujbal

For a change, affairs of the state were not uppermost on the mind of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal. Instead, his attention was diverted to a family pet — a rare and expensive variety of Malaysian parrot, belonging to his granddaughter.

The multi-hued bird flew the coop Tuesday while some children were playing with it at Bhujbal\’s official residence, \’Ramtek\’ in the posh Malabar Hill area of south Mumbai. Despite all coaxing and cooing, the parrot played hide-and-seek and did not return, giving a tough time to its handler and feeder.   

Bhujbal\’s granddaughter, two-year-old Ishwari, was quite upset that her birthday gift — a Malaysian parrot of an unknown breed — had literally \’flown\’ away.   

Powerful halogen lights were put up Tuesday night to trace it and finally it was spied hiding in some bushes in a neighbouring bungalow, but nothing could be done at night.   

Wednesday morning, the bird was found perched on branches of a tree in the bungalow of Maharashtra legislative assembly Speaker Dilip Valse-Patil.   

Trying hard to keep the curious crowd of onlookers at bay, the staff finally managed to catch the prized bird Wednesday afternoon.   

Bhujbal\’s nephew, Sameer – who is a member of parliament – confirmed that the bird has been recovered safely.   

\"Contrary to speculation, it did not belong to Bhujbal but his granddaughter Ishwari. I am surprised why the media is so much concerned about this incident,\" he said.

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