Pervert attacks Model!

It seems perverts are on the rampage what with Bipasha Basu being groped at a Durga Puja recently. Now, model-turned-actress Maushmi Udeshi was a victim while she was on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

The troublemaker, identified as Khan Mehfooz, was sitting behind her on the plane when he suddenly began to caress her shoulder and make lusty noises. She tried to change the way she was sitting but he grabbed her shoulder. Annoyed to the extreme, she turned around and slapped him. She then realized that he was the same man who had tried to push her not once but twice when they were boarding the flight. His friends, who were sitting next to him, started laughing. She was disgusted by the man.

Maushmi asked the flight crew to do something about the incident. Khan was then made to change his place. At first he denied touching her but when the security was called to take him away, he began to apologize. She was asked if she wanted to register a police complaint but she didn’t want to get into any kind of hassle. The incident was confirmed by the airlines.

-Sampurn Media

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