Perfect Mismatch (2009) Hindi Movie

Perfect Mismatch-Hindi Movie Review

Perfect Mismatch is a 2009  Bollywood Hindi  movie by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, starring Anubhav Anand, Nandana Sen, Boman Irani and Anupam Kher in lead roles. Check out Review of Perfect Mismatch and watch Trailer.

Perfect Mismatch- The Mismatched Entertainer

Director: Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad

Starring: Anubhav Anand, Nandana Sen, Boman Irani and Anupam Kher

Rating: 1.5 / 5*

Perfect Mismatch 2009 Hindi Movie

Perfect Mismatch 2009 Hindi Movie


Perfect Mismatch narrates the tale of an architect Aman (Anubhav Anand) who falls in love with Neha (Nandana). But things begin to turn for the worse as his orthodox uncle (Boman) who has brought him up meets Neha’s dad (Kher). Their first meeting itself sets the tone for the things lying ahead. Now it is up to the two lovers to find a way out to bring both the warring families together. What crazy mix up it all leads to and what pleasant changes it brings about in all the characters involved forms the rest of the plot.

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Critic’s Comments and Analysis:

This Indo-American venture doesn’t have a bad plot but just that it doesn’t have anything spectacularly different to offer. The film has its share of genuinely funny moments that one can enjoy with the full family unlike few recent so called romantic comedies. However, the film is held together by the performances of Boman and Kher as one keeps looking out for their next encounter together. Debutante director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad’s doesn’t impress with his narrative style and his lack of technical finesse shows. Music by Josh has nothing much to cheer about.

Boman Irani and Anupam Kher were last pitted against each other in the extremely loveable Khosla Ka Ghosla three years back and they have a wonderful chemistry between them continuing with this film as well. Debutante Anubhav Anand is likeable and delivers in his maiden act. Nandana is just about passable though. The rest mix of Indian and American actors is just about average.

The show I went to watch for at a suburban Mumbai multiplex for reviewing this film in the morning didn’t take place because of lack of audience and I had to run to another multiplex for a noon show. Now do I need to say anything more about the film?

– Bollywood Movie Review / Sampurn

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