Perfect Mismatch-Anubhav Anand-Nandana Sen Kisses

Anubhav Anand, the actor of the Bollywood movie Perfect Mismatch talks about the film, his many talents and his kiss scenes with Nandana Sen in the movie that were deleted.

Perfect Mismatch-Anubhav Anand-Nandana Sen Kisses

Anubhav Anand, the writer and actor in the lead role of the much talked Bollywood movie Perfect Mismatch speaks on the occasions of the movie release. In this intimate interview he talks about the film Perfect mismatch, his multi-dimensional role in Bollywood and of course about the kiss scenes with Nandana Sen in the movie that were totally deleted.

Nandana Sen -Perfect Mismatch
Nandana Sen -Perfect Mismatch

He aspires to make it big on his own. The journey has begun for Anubhav Anand, with no Godfather to rescue him from a setback. He is all set to play the game of fortune and fame with his debut venture as an actor, producer and a scriptwriter. Christened, Perfect Mismatch, his film also has Nandana Sen as his love interest along with Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Ranjita Chakravarty and Sheel Gupta. The film directed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad will hit the silver screen tomorrow that is July 24.

In a candid interview, Anubhav Anand talks about his multi-talented nature and confidence to make it on his own in Bollywood.

You are an exceptional debutant who is donning so many hats simultaneously. How did the idea of films come up?

I don’t belong to a legacy of any filmy family, except for the last name I share with the legendary Dev Anand. Somehow, acting has always been my passion but never would I venture in it. My decision to work in films has an interesting story behind it. Basically, I am a software engineer with an experience of work with IBM and Stardom. Initially, I was skeptical about stepping into Bollywood, for it definitely is not a cake walk. But while working in Stardom, I realized every profession, then be it- IT or films, it’s just about a project along with a vision and venture capitalist who share your vision to make it reality. So, I decided to produce and write a story which was already in my mind and make my passion for acting a profession. The reason I decided to produce my debut film is –the story is my baby and I wanted to execute it on my terms.

Don’t you think taking such a big decision was too early in your career? Considering the recession scare when today even big banners think twice to commence with a project, do you think it’s the best time for a Bollywood debut?

I personally believe recession might have come as a nightmare for many, but it definitely has come as a boom for many like me, who have always been a smart spender. I feel recession is the best time to invest your money in something you believe in; provided you have a back up if at all things don’t work out well in the end. Well-planned smart investment with a satisfaction of a churning out a good product is what I can say about my first venture. I have balanced the creative vision and the commerce part of my film very well.

So, in that case, were you very strict as a producer… Tell us about your experience?

Well, that question should go to the people who have worked with me. Honestly, I feel producer is the only one in the filmmaking who is hated the most. Simply, because in-order to make his film see the light of the day he has to become Mr. NO. I mean, you can’t afford to give ‘yes’ nod to all the demands of the people concerned with the film. As a producer, I have felt that a good compatibility with the director and taking care of the emotional-creative quotient of the artists one can work wonders without letting you budget dwindle.

So, shall we say the decision of deleting the 3 steamy kisses, which has become the talk of the town in the film, was an independent decision? Why such thinking when today the audience have outgrown such mindset, or was it a publicity stunt?

Well, let me clear the confusion and put an end to the rumours- we just had one kiss, rather a peck on the cheek shot. However, it was due to the demand of the overall narration of the story that the scene had to be omitted during editing. In-fact, there were few other scenes which have been omitted so why is not anyone asking me about them. Another point, I think there is no need to get down to such a low level in order to market my film. My film will speak for itself post-release.

So, how is your film different from any other run-of-the-mill romantic-comedy and thus, living up to the funds you have invested?

Well, Perfect Mismatch boasts of its storyline, which makes it different from the earlier made romantic-comedy flicks with due respect to them. Today, the films lack the basic essential criteria of bare-minimum sensible storyline. I personally feel, audience will witness a simple yet sensitive narration with correct amount of candy-floss.

In that case, shed some light on the storyline?

The story revolves around an ambitious architect Aman played by me. Chasing his dreams in America he falls in love with beautiful girl played by Nandana Sen. Love affair eventually ends in marriage. Indian marriages are also about the compatibility between the families of people getting married. So, there comes in a total chaos because the two families are pole-apart. Anupam Kher and Boman Irani play totally opposite characters and what happens next in this total turmoil is what the story is all about.

Will you continue making films under the banner of X-perience films or you will venture out under different banners?

Honestly, I don’t want to waste the experience that I have had during the making of this film as a producer. So, I will definitely continue making films under my banner. And as of now, I can’t say about me acting in other recognized banners of the industry.

– Bollywood Features and Interviews / Esha Razdan/ Sampurn

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