Pepsi launches new sugar-free soft drink

New Delhi, Aug 2 (IANS) Soft drinks manufacturer Pepsi Monday launched Pepsi Max, a new sugar-free cola targeted at the 25-35 year age group.

The food and beverage giant’s intention in introducing Max is to expand its product portfolio in India and to create a new market segment in the soft drink industry, company officials said.

Max, available here from Aug 6, will be in a 500 ml pet bottle and be priced at Rs.25. The new beverage is a part of the $600 million expansion plan of the company in India which was announced last year.

‘The introduction of Pepsi Max is a defining moment for the cola industry in India. It is target towards the 25 year-old age segment, who are health conscious but still want to have the original taste of Pepsi,’ said Punita Lal, executive director (Marketing), PepsiCo India.

‘It is our endeavour to provide products have an element of human sustainability, seeing the health factor in India, we feel this product will be the sales driver in the coming years,’ she said.

Pepsi Max will not have any impact on its other sugar-free brand, Diet Pepsi.

‘Both the segments are different and there will be no effect. This product will give maximum satisfaction while being sugar-free,’ Lal added.

Pepsi Max was first launched in Britain in 1993 and has been in the brand portfolio of the company in 40 countries.

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