People for Better Treatment (PBT) welcomes verdict against Kolkata hospital

Kolkata, Aug 17 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): People for Better Treatment (PBT), a patients’ body led by US based doctor Kunal Saha, on Monday welcomed a judgement passed by the West Bengal Consumers forum against B.M. Birla Heart Institute for the death of Bengali filmmaker Anjan Chowdhury in a medical negligence case.

In a statement from Ohio, PBT president Dr Kunal Saha said he welcomed the ‘hostoric’ judgement against the hospital for ‘gross medical negligence’ and causing Chowdhury’s death.

“We also welcome the court’s decision to punish the hospital for making boisterous claims, arbitrary monetary demands and misleading advertisements to entice the innocent patients,” he said.

PBT also made a call for suo motu action by the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) against  the errant doctors involved, including the suspension of their license.

Dr Saha, who is a crusader against medical negligence after his wife’s death in India in 1998  from alleged wrong treatment, said mushrooming hospitals in the city, that lure patients through attractive ‘packages’, levy exorbitant fees and dish out substandard medical care, must be checked.

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