Peepli [Live] 2010 Hindi Film Songs-Bollywood Movie Soundtrack

Bollywood’s Aamir Khan is back behind the camera after the success of his comedy “3 Idiots”, with a biting satire on the tensions between rural and urban India, politicians and the media.  “Peepli Live,” made by the actor’s production company, follows two poor farmers who face losing their land over an unpaid debt after poor monsoon rains.The album PEEPLI LIVE boasts of six tracks including one remix. The music composed by multiple artists is Indian to the core and borrows heavily from our country’s folk music. The audio album of PEEPLI [LIVE] is in a way a retro album, a hark back to the days of pure unadulterated folk based melodies borrowed from the villages and small hamlets. On the whole, the soundtrack of “Peepli [Live]” is a robust mix of carefully selected songs from various sources. It is unlike a typical Bollywood album…but being different is what works and clicks with audiences nowadays

Track Listings

1. Desh Mera (Indian Ocean)
2. Mehngai Dayain (Raghuveer Yadav; Bhadwai Village Mandali)
3. Zindagi Se Darte Ho (Indian Ocean)
4. Chola Maati Ke Ram (Nageen Tanvir)
5. Des Mera (II) (Indian Ocean)
6. Mehngai Dayain [Remix] (Raghuveer Yadav; Bhadwai Village Mandali)

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