Payel-Tollywood Kolkata Actress Talks about Prem Amar

Payel with “I Love You” fame talks to CalcuttaTube about her upcoming Bengali Cinema with Soham “Prem Amar” directed by Raj Chakraborty. Check out the exclusive interview with Payel and her views about Bengali Cinema at CalcuttaTube.

Payel-Tollywood Kolkata Actress Talks about Prem Amar
Payel with “I Love You” fame talks to CalcuttaTube about her upcoming Bengali Cinema with Soham “Prem Amar” directed by Raj Chakraborty. Check out the exclusive interview with Payel and her views about Bengali Cinema at CalcuttaTube.

Payel Interview
Payel Interview

CalcuttaTube: You have worked in two other movies before – I Love You and Cross Connection.
Payel: I have worked in three movies before. The other one was Bibar.

CalcuttaTube: How is Prem Amar different than your previous movies?
Payel: All my previous movies were different from each other. Bibar was more on the parallel side. I Love You was a mainstream commercial film and Cross Connection was more targeted towards the urban audience. Prem Amar is different from my other three films in the sense that it has an appeal for both the mass and the class. The story line is very catchy for the mass. At the same time, the presentation would appeal the class. Anyone would like the movie, no matter wherever they belong.

CalcuttaTube: Please tell us something about your role in Prem Amar.
Payel: Overall it is about a girl who is going through some crisis in life and trying to survive all odds. When she meets an unsophisticated boy, she becomes an inspiration in his life. She tries to bring her but of his old self, and tries to make him more soft and sober, which is not an easy job. She is just not the love of his life, something much greater. She teaches him to treat human beings with respect. My character in the movie is very unique. Both our roles are very much performance oriented where acting plays an important role.

CalcuttaTube: How did you like the songs and compositions by Jeet Ganguly?
Payel: I myself liked the songs very much. One of the songs has its sad version. The songs are allo very different. I am using the term different a lot. But that is so very true for this movie.

CalcuttaTube: The movie is releasing at the time of the Durga Puja. What are your plans for the Durga Puja?
Payel: Thanks to the movie that I will be seeing Durga Puja in Kolkata this year. I am very happy about it. I will be busy but at the same time I will find some time out for myself that I can enjoy.

CalcuttaTube: When is your birthday?
Payel: My birthday is on 10th February.

CalcuttaTube: What are your hobbies?
Payel: I love to watch movies, listen to music, read books. I also like to chat with my friends.

CalcuttaTube: Have you ever taken classes for dancing or singing?
Payel: I started with both, but then continued with dance. I learnt Kathak.

CalcuttaTube: Did you have any family background in acting?
Payel: No one in my family is directly involved in professional acting, but we have a cultural atmosphere at home and in our extended families. We have been taught to appreciate any form of art.

CalcuttaTube: Have you ever taken any acting classes?
Payel: No I haven’t. All the knowledge I have gathered is from working. I am learning everyday and want to continue this way as long as I work.

CalcuttaTube: How did you decide on being an actress?
Payel: I really never decided on anything that way. I used to accompany my friends in their auditions for modelling and for a couple of times, I myself went for auditions. I got an offer from Akash Bangla and started working. Eventually, I got an offer to work in Bibar. Then I went to work in Bombay for some time. I just followed the path as things came on my way. Nothing was planned as such. But somehow things went right for me.

CalcuttaTube: What are the other movies you are working right now?
Payel: I have a few offers. But I will decide only after I am done with Prem Amar.

Payel-Bengali Actress
Payel-Bengali Actress

CalcuttaTube: How do you decide on a role?
Payel: My character is always the first importance.

CalcuttaTube: Do you watch Bengali movies?
Payel: I watch a lot Bengali movies these days.

CalcuttaTube: What do you think about the future of Bengali cinema? Has it achieved a better position than where it was some time back?
Payel: Bengali cinema is doing much better these days and the audience are doing back to watch Bengali films. Better movies are being made, and the producers are concerned about Bengali films which is an important thing.

CalcuttaTube: We still see people complaining that Bengali movies lack originality. What are your views?
We have some remakes, but at the same time a lot of original movies are being made, too. And just because movies from other languages are being remade in Bengali, does not mean that Bengali cinema is lacking its originality. It would be an extreme comment to make.

Interview by: Ankan Basu
Write up by: Shrabanti Basu

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