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Kalpana is all very passionate about proving her prowess in singing with her fresh-breath reality show “Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhane Ka”. Divided into threes sectors namely, Sufi, Filmy and Folk, the programme will showcase Kalpana taking care of Folk songs. Ila Aroon, the veteran folk singer, will be mentoring the show.

Though basically from Assam, Kalpana loves Bhojpuri folks and dreams about gifting genre of songs an international acknowledgment. We wanted to know whether she will sing just Bhojpuri folks or folks in some other languages, too. “I will have to sing folks in other languages, too, but as I am basically known for Bhojpuri folks, channel insists me on singing 80% Bhojpuri folks only. Being from Assam I would love to sing Assamese songs, too. My other songs will include languages from Mijoram, Manipur and Meghalaya. Though it’s not easy to accumulate songs from al those regions, I’ll try on getting them for the show. At the same time I’ll sing Lavani from Maharashtra region,” explains Kalpana.

Will Kalpana sing just filmy folk songs or traditional folks? “I’ll try singing every kind of songs. Amongst all the songs my insist will best be on the traditional songs as because while in films, they do mould the original effects of traditional songs and people cannot get the actual flavour of traditional folks. The main reason behind that is the languages of traditional folks are quite crumpled. And I’ll try on making the language lucid for all the audience so that they can understand them better,” Kalpana makes her intention clear.

Ila Aroon, the solo face behind the rise of Rajasthani folks, will mentor Kalpana. But how will it be possible for a Bhojpuri folk singer to keep balance with her Rajasthani singing mentor? “See, whatever will happen will completely be based on the decision by channel. We both (Kalpana and Ila) are nothing in front of channel,” Kalpana explains her helplessness.

Even Kalpana is agreed with the thought that folk songs are less known in comparison with filmy and Sufi genre of songs. While Kalpana knows it would be a risk factor for her career she also takes it to be her biggest challenge.

Kalpana defines folk songs as her mother. She knows that this once favourite genre of songs is diminishing from our nation. She says, “You must have noticed that people take playing Hindi songs in restaurants quite embarrassing. In this scenario folk songs are unknown to them. I have no wish to live as guest in my own country. My winning the show will feel me like my mother winning the honour.”
What if she loses the competition? “I’ll not even feel bad on that as being at my position I have nothing to lose,” a thoughtful Kalpana explains.

Rajnee Gupta (SAMPURN)

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