Parashmani- Tarun Majumdar Classic-Online Bangla Cinema

Parashmani- Tarun Majumdar Classic-Online Bangla Cinema
Direction: Tarun Majumdar
Story and Script: Tarun Majumdar
Music Direction: Rabin Chatterjee
Lyric: Gouri Prasanna Majumdar
Playback Singers: Sandhya Mukherjee, Nirmala Mishra, Shyamal Mitra
Cast: Tapas Pal, Sukhen Das, Shatabdi Roy, Sandha Roy, Kali Banerjee,


Parashmani is one of the good melodramatic movies made in Bengali movie industry. Tapas Pal was somewhat slim and performed well in the film. You also have melodrama gurus like Kali Banerjee and Sukhen Das in this film. I love all Tarun Majumdar movies so I would recommend all to watch the film.

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You can watch the movie in BIG SCREEN here:


4 thoughts on “Parashmani- Tarun Majumdar Classic-Online Bangla Cinema

  1. Cast: Sandha Mukherjee !!!!!

    I guess that should be Sandhya Roy, and from the screen shot provided, the heroine seems to be Shatabdi Roy and not Indrani Haldar.

  2. Thanks Ranjana!
    I always confuse myself bweteen Shatabdi/Indrani. Fixed it now. Let us know if you find any other problem/mistakes.

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