Parambrata Chatterjee talks about Bengali Film Bhooter Bhobishyot (Interview)

Parambrata Chatterjee
Parambrata Chatterjee

January 2, 2011, Kolkata/Tollywood (Calcutta Tube): He is one of the talented young actors in Tollywood. Actor Parambrata Chatterjee is busy shooting ‘Bhooter Bhobishyot’ in the at ‘Jimmy Laha Bari’ in Kolkata these days. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught up with him in an informal chat session at the venue itself. Excerpts:

Tell us something about your character in the movie?
I am playing the role of a young ad maker. He came here to spot a location. During this time, he was planning for his first feature film. In the meantime, he comes to know about the ghosts and eerie magic of the place. This provokes him to make a film on the ghosts.
Is this film a satire?
No this is not a satire. A satire needs to have lots of other factors. It can be called a spoof.
Have you worked with the director of the film Anik Dutta earlier?
Yes, previously, I have worked in an ad film with Anik da.
You have also worked in a Hindi film which also features Vidya Balan. What differences did you spot between Tollywood and Bollywood?
I have worked in a Hindi film named ‘Kahaani’.Yes it is true that the entire working style is different in Bollywood. They are more pro-active. And Vidya Balan is a much focused actor. Unlike lots of actors here, of course not all, she thinks less about the crowd, site of acting or even the large crowd that gathers around her when she shoots at a location. Rather it is her acting in which she keeps herself completely focused and dedicated.
After playing so many kinds of character, can you share with us any one characters that you wish to play?
This is very tough to say actually. But to be frank I will always wish to do those characters that are challenging. A character that is not ‘safe’ to act. I really felt satisfied after playing the character that I had portrayed in the film ‘Kaler Rakhal’. I think that is one of my best films.
Your favourite co-actors in Tollywood?
Paoli Dam, I have worked in many films with her, we are comfortable together. Then my list of favourite co-actors also includes the names like Saswata Chatterjee, Rudra, Sabyasachi Chakraborty.
Your New Year resolutions?
My resolution this year is to make my film ‘Jio Kaka’ a hit and also to come up with my second film.

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