Pakistani audience is not in state of enjoying my trendy music – Ahmed Jehanzeb


From the Pakistani land of Sufi singers, we have yet another talented singer knocking at the doors of Indian film industry. With his album Laut Aao, Ahmed Jehanzeb is making his entry into the Indian music world. Dreaming of creating better music, this young singer is all set to kiss success through his seer hard work and dedication. Sabir Rahman has shared some melodious moment with this talented singer and composer.

Q. What is special about your new album Laut Aao?
A. You will get the different shades of vocals, music and everything according to the taste of today’s trend. Many singers in Bollywood bear the influence of the legends in their voice. But I have a different tonal quality and it does not match with anyone. The album is also blessed with powerful lyrics. It is melodious and soothing to the ears.

Q. Is it a romantic album?
A. Yes, I would call it a romantic album.

Q. While working on the album, which audience did you have in your mind, Indian or Pakistani?
A. I only had Indian audience in my mind because Pakistani audience have not reached that state now and have gone towards more serious kind of things. The style of music across the border is very different from that of Bollywood.

Q. How did music happen to you?
A. During my time music was not given so much encouragement but my father was always fond of music. Ever since I was born I had all the music instruments in front of me. I was always attracted towards music and wanted to learn and play all the instruments. I loved the harmonium and one day my Abba asked me if I liked harmonium or not and when I said yes, he gifted me a keyboard on my fourth birthday. He made me rehearse with him and he never forced me to learn music. I started my journey at the age of four and at nine I released my first album named Ahmed Jehanzeb – The Wonder Boy.

Q. What kind of songs did the album have?
A. It contained national based songs (Kaumi songs). These kinds of songs were more in trend; individual singing was not in trend at that time. My Abba made me familiar with the stage from the very tender age of mine, so that I don’t get nervous or hesitate in facing audience while performing.

 Q. At what age did you start your journey of stage shows?
A. I started my journey at the age of eleven or twelve. I used to experiment singing different kinds of songs then.

Q. What kind of songs did you sing?
A. I used to sing ghazals as well as the hit songs of that time like "Papa Kehte Hai…" and all other Bollywood hit numbers. 

Q. When did you release your second album?
A. My second album got released in 2001 with the name Parastish, which came after a gap of 15 years from my first album. In the meantime I was doing stage shows all over the world.

Q. What kind of songs did it contain?
A. It had compilation of solid classical numbers. It was a big hit and gave me a lot of fame.

Q. How did coming to India happen?
A. There was a song of mine in my second album Parastish which became famous through internet. Then one day Sanjay Dutt called me when he had organized a Tsunami relief fund show and he wanted me to participate there. Two singers came at that time from Pakistan, one was Strings and the other was me and the other celebs for the show were film stars from Pakistan like Meera, Md. Rana and all. During this time I met Rajiv Sivani who was vice president of Tips.

Q. Do you feel that you are lucky?
A. I feel that I am lucky because Khuda gave me opportunities and I met right people at the right time. It is my good luck that I met someone like Rajiv who gave me a chance. I got all the facilities from the company while recording with them. They provide me very good directors, lyrics, crew members etc.

Q. You have given music in Khuda Ke Liye, any other films after that?
A. I had composed five songs for Khuda Ke Liye and I have sung those songs, too. This film changed the whole scenario of Pakistani film and no other film is being made yet to match that one. And if we talk about music it has to be something which will be cherished and enjoyed by all for a long time.

Q. Any film offers in India?
A. Who would not like to work in Bollywood movies but as of now I want to concentrate in composing good music only. 

Sabir Rahman (SAMPURN)

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