Paglu (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

Dev-Koel in Bengali movie PagluJune 13, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Paglu is a 2011 Bengali movie directed by Rajib Kumar Biswas with Dev, Koel, Rajatava Dutta and others in the cast. Read the Bengali film review at Calcutta Tube.


Banner: Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt. Ltd.

Producer: Nispal Singh

Directed By - Rajib Kumar Biswas

Music: Jeet Ganguly

Lyrics : Priyo Chatterjee

Written By - N.K.  Salil

Editor: Rabi Ranjan Moitra

Choreographer: Baba Yadav

Action: Judo Ramu

Cast: Dev, Koel, Rajatava Dutta, Tulika Mukherjee, and others

Date of release: June 3, 2011

Rating: 05/10

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[ReviewAZON asin="B003Y3X08O" display="inlinepost"]The term ‘masala’ was defined as a ‘formula of variety entertainment, charming stars, songs, dances, fights…..spectacle, lavish sets and big locations, melodrama, humour” by B. Bahadur in 1995. Rajib Kumar’s Paglu starring the charismatic boy-wonder Dev pitted against a delightfully different Rajatava Dutta, his would-be father-in-law fits into this description very well. The two challenge each other over the prized ‘trophy’ Rimi, the former’s lady-love and the latter’s beloved daughter. No one raises an eyebrow over the repeated reference to Rimi as ‘trophy’ by her boyfriend which tells you what to expect from the film from the point the hero and heroine fall for each other.

Paglu is a ‘global’ film. Rimi (Koel Mullick) is the daughter of Gunadhar Sen (Rajatava Dutta) who is Senator in the US Government. (The fact that an Indian can become a senator in the US government is a strikingly original invention!) Dev (Dev) is an very poor orphan who lives in a slum-kind of home in a narrow bylane of Kolkata. The film dwells for a long time over the inter-gang rivalry between the lowly Dev’s group and the affluent, arrogant and violent Ronny’s group. When Rimi arrives from US to finish a thesis, the two gangs get into a fight over this girl and of course, Rimi falls in love with Dev to incur the wrath of Ronny whose ego is badly bruised.

The real drama begins much later when Gunadhar, suspecting his daughter’s links with a lowly Bangali, arrives in Kolkata and takes her back with him under false pretences. But the intelligent Dev smells a rat and tosses a rupee two coin in the air caught by Gunadhar as a challenge. The first half is a drag that the director has tried to pep up with song-dance numbers shot in foreign locations and in the US and lots of action scenes peppered with N.K. Salil’s dialogue. The song Paglu, thoda saa karle romance is a foot-tapping number executed with zest and vigour by the lead pair. Though the main drama is focussed on Dev and Gunadhar, Rimi’s character is given some flesh through her interactions with her father who holds her captive in the US in a room with windows big enough for her to jump out. She does not because who then will Dev rescue? There is a bit of plagiarisation from the Ghulam race with a speeding train and in the climax, from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge where Dev pulls a Shahrukh Khan by refusing to take Rimi to India knowing she will join him with the blessings of her father. This is an Indianised Mills & Boons story that takes every liberty possible to bring out the most incredible ways of love. Dev, who should not know to drive a car, merrily drives around on US roads in a white convertible. You should not ask stupid questions like where he got the car from or how he knows the traffic rules in a country he has never visited before. He also organizes a sit-down group with members holding a white flag with a big red heart in the centre to hold the US Consul and persuade him to grant him a US visa in the name of love and Eureka, it actually happens! Is it not taking incredibility a bit too far?  Why does Gunadhar handle a bunch of all-Black goons who Dev reduces to a pulp before you can say Mohammed Ali?

Dev captures our hearts with his screen charisma that does not challenge him too much with acting skills. Koel looks lovely but her addressing her father as “Mr. Senator” is a bit too much. Rajatava is wonderful in a different role and Rajib’s triumph lies in propping up the villainy with lots of tongue-in-cheek humour. The art direction to establish Dev’s roots and backdrop is very good and so is the choreography. Jeet Ganguly’s title track will soon make it to the ring tones and caller tunes of all youngsters in Kolkata. Dev is adorable, lovable and youngsters can identify with him because he looks like the grassroots man he usually plays. Paglu will score high in the box office takings but not in the critics ratings because it is not a very consistently handled film that takes ‘willful suspension of disbelief’ a bit too far.

- Shoma A. Chatterji

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  1. godfather says:

    calcutta tube needs to be upgraded

  2. Jay says:

    Dev dada tomar paglu movie ta dakhe khub enjoy korlam

  3. MILAN,daspur says:

    faltu film…. dev kono din o jeet er kachhe patta pabe na

  4. sajib biswas says:

    dev s mentality is lower level.he wears red shoe,yellow shirt,blue pant.this is slum mentality.oh many people say that paglu is a faltu ,bokwas film.i wiil tell that they speak truly.

  5. Sushant says:

    I like so much dev & this movie i am from karnataka!!

  6. Dipak Barman says:

    Hai Dev da valo acho to. Ami kintu valo nei pratekta samay tomar Paglu Film ar gan bolte bolte mukh batha kore. Ami tomake Khub Bhalobasi Dev da. Jadi konodin tomake dekhte pai tomake ami jariye dharbo charbo na . Carry on Boss. Ami Amar Family tomar sathe achi ami akta meyeke Bhalobasi tar nam Swapna Ami ok na pele more jabo r o na khub paglami kore jano dekho na ami ki kore khaoyabo age kichu kori tarpar ok ami biye korbo. Ashirbad koro Dev da jeno take ami pai. Bye Dev da.

  7. dev tomar paglu film ta ek dom faltu .film ta korar aage mukhe valo kore face wash makte hoto.karon tomake ek dom ugly lagvche.please never mind.

  8. tumar tring biring nach amar valo lage.

  9. Shankar says:

    Hi..dav tum amader guru tum jay koro bholo koro kento over action hoya jay bake bhole n plz tell me kone wabsite a ame bangla movies download korta parbo amar mobile a plz sand me s my email ( or in this post

  10. priya says:

    sum guys here are making fun of dev which is not tolerable so plz mind your languagrs

  11. bonna says:

    hi dev i love u ami jani 2mi onek valo ami chai 2mar moto ak jon k .

  12. mohua says:

    Hlw dev am 4m Bangladesh. am a great fan of u.tmr premer kahini ta shobcheye shundor film.oirokom pic.aro koro plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.tussi great ho!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. manas says:

    dev da tumi ekta boro chabla……….tomar kono self respect nei…….ekdm para gunda lage…….parbe na tao jeet da r dupilicacy marbe…….carry on boss…….

  14. suman says:

    dev da ami tomar sob theke boro fan…..tomar paglur dress puro hit……tomar jobab nei…..jeet da ekta gobor makha hero…..tumi heera diye sajano…tomar joto gulo flm oscar awarded…..

  15. SUBRATA says:


  16. Sarmistha De says:

    Yes I also think that Paglu is really a superduper film.Everyone had done their acting very nicely.Just I am speechless about Dev da and also other co-stars with him.

  17. tani says:

    Hi I’m 4m Bangladash….Paglu is 1 of da BEST movie in da world

  18. toufiqul says:


  19. susanta das says:

    Hi deb da ami susanta tomar paglu film ta superb hoeche boss! Ami tomar big fan!tomar ar suvashree didir juti amar ekghor lage! Amake ekta link bolbe dada jekhan theke ami tomar super duper photo pabo? Please amake link ta email kore

  20. susanta das says:

    Hi deb da ami susanta tomar paglu film ta superb hoeche boss! Ami tomar big fan!tomar ar suvashree didir juti amar ekghor lage! Amake ekta link bolbe boss jekhan theke ami tomar super duper photo pabo? Please amake link ta email kore

  21. ananda swarnokar says:

    Dev is really very attractive because hes has attraction to show to all

  22. Biswajit Baidya says:

    this is very intersting for young generation but fact is too much good but song is very good as well as music. Dev da so much glad for your dance and body. thak you so much for your contribution in tolywood industry. if possibel then reply me

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