Paediatric and neonatal conference held in Kolkata

Kolkata, Feb 7 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Eminent doctors and faculty assembled in the city to discuss on paediatric and neonatal medicine, in a conference organised by AMRI Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
R S Agarwal, Director, AMRI Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. said, “The idea behind this conference was to invite eminent faculty and doctors who are authorities in their respective fields from abroad and most popular institutions of India. They are champions in their respective field of pediatric society.”
“We have invited them so that Kolkata and West Bengal can gain knowledge about paediatric and neonatal medicine. Our idea is to spread a message that AMRI Women and Children Hospital is not only best in terms of equipments and infrastructure but also medical facilities,” he siad.
The experts discussed on lots of issues like the newer modes of Conventional Ventilation & High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation & Inaled Nitric Oxide, PICU monitoring including intracranial pressure monitoring, renal replacement therapy in critical ill child, brain monitoring in the neonates.
“I think the conferences attracted lots of paediatricians. I think they have benefited a lot from the discussion,” Stephen Playfor,Consultant Paediatric Intensivist, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Manchester, UK, said.
Speaking on the basic health conditions of Kolkata, he said that it is essential that the people in this city get clean water supply, sanitation and other such basic facilities that will make a lot of difference to the current scenario.

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