Paathshaala (2010)-Hindi Movie Music Review

Paathshaala is 2010 Bollywood Hindi movie starring actor Shahid Kapoor. The music is scored by Hanif Sheikh. Read the music review at CalcuttaTube.

March 22, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Paathshaala is 2010 Bollywood Hindi movie starring actor Shahid Kapoor. The music is scored by Hanif Sheikh. Read the music review at CalcuttaTube.

Rating: ***1/2

Time and again it has been evidenced that when you are not having many expectations from an album, the soundtrack only ends up throwing a pleasant surprise. ‘Paathshaala’, which has newcomer Hanif Sheikh composing the music as well writing the lyrics, is one such album. Though one does expect good music from a Shahid Kapoor starrer, the genre of the film had suggested a few situational tracks which would only work with the narrative of the film. What you eventually get to hear in the album is a lot more though.

First to come is ‘Aye Khuda’ that instantly catches your attention, right from composition, singing to lyrics point of view. Everyone from Hanif to singer Salim Merchant (of Salim-Sulaiman duo) is fantastic in the way they go about creating an urban sound for ‘Aye Khuda’ which is as soothing as it gets. A seamless track that just flows without any interruption whatsoever, it is the kind of number that has to be set in repeat mode and forgotten.

The mood shifts to something even more upbeat with ‘Paathshaala – Khushnuma’ that follows next. Sung by Vishal Dadlani (of Vishal-Shekhar fame), ‘Khushnuma’ boasts of a terrific beginning which is just the kind of number you want your DJ to play for the dance floor. It is surprising to see that this is the only number in the album which doesn’t find a ‘remix version’ for itself because it does boast of the kind of beats that are just right to set your feet tapping. A young energetic urban track, ‘Khushnuma’ makes it two out of two for ‘Paathshaala’.

Well, it is soon three out of three for the album with Lucky Ali being his best behind the mike for ‘Bekaraar’. A number where he is required to stretch his vocals beyond a point and retain a certain melody which is expected from a love song like this, ‘Bekaraar’ brings in further variety to the album. Listen to the song once and rest assured, it would make you play it all over again. Boasting of a beautiful melody which can never get out of fashion, ‘Bekaraar’ stays with you long after it is through.

The sound of ‘Paathshaala’ remains intact though with Tulsi Kumar coming behind the mike along with Akansha Lama and Hanif Shaikh himself for ‘Mujhe Teri’. Yet another soft track that gives you a reason to smile as it plays on, ‘Mujhe Teri’ has a Western setting to it though at the core of it, it retains it’s Indian melody. This is the only song in the album that has a co-composer (Vijay Lama) coming along with Hanif Sheikh.

The album concludes with ‘Teri Marzi Aye Khuda’, a solo by Kailash Kher, which has a sad content to it but thankfully doesn’t turn out to be a sad hear at all. A situational track which should be played in the film during a tense situation when things aren’t quite going as per the plans, ‘Teri Marzi’ may not be hummed around for weeks to come but still isn’t the kind of bad hear that would make you switch on to something different in the middle of it’s play. In any case, there is ‘Paathshaala-Theme’, a two minute theme piece, which is there to bring the album to a euphoric end.

As it turns out, the songs in ‘Paathshaala’, aren’t just melodious or pretty much belonging to today’s times; they are also good enough to be heard for many more months to come, with or without the context of the film. Now that is pretty much a win for an album since in the current times of instant coffee and quick entertainment, there is actually a score like ‘Paathshaala’ that aims to go beyond that.

– Rudhir Burman / Sampurn Wire

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