Paa (2009)-Hindi Film Review

Paa is a 2009 Hindi movie by R. Balki with Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan, Amitabh Bachchan that wins the audience’s hearts. Read the review at CalcuttaTube.

Paa is a 2009 Hindi movie by R. Balki with Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan, Amitabh Bachchan that wins the audience’s hearts. Read the review at CalcuttaTube.

Paa: Wins your heart

Rating: 4 out of 5*

Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan and introducing Amitabh Bachchan

Director: R. Balki

Auro (Amitabh) is a 12 year progeria infected kid living with his gynecologist mother Vidya (Vidya Balan) and her mother (Arundhati Naag). Extremely witty Auro happens to win an award in his school from a young politician, Amol Arte (Abhishek). On the same night when Vidya watches its telecast, she realizes that Auro actually met his father for the first time. During her student days abroad, she was in a relationship with Amol but had broken off with him over their decision whether to keep the child or not. Amol wanted it aborted and not commit for marriage as he wanted to pursue his political ambitions. Progeria affected children don’t happen to live beyond 13-14 years so when Auro collapses and she fears he is nearing his final stages of his life, she reveals to him that Amol is his father. What follows next and how Auro is instrumental and getting his estranged parents back together forms the rest of the film.

Paa is R. Balki’s next after the immensely lovable Cheeni Kum (2007). Balki had showcased glimpse of his brand of sarcastic humor in his debut film and with Paa he has completely established it. The film has been intelligently narrated cutting away from unnecessary melodrama. The pacing is just perfect. The selection of child actors (including Mr. Bachchan) deserves special mention. They act their natural self and are extremely hilarious. Paa has plenty of wonderfully written and enacted sequences like Auro’s conversations with his best buddy in school Vishnu, Auro’s sequences with his stuffed toy King Kong, Amol – Vidya’s argument over whether to keep their child or not, Amol exposing his detractors on live national television, Auro and Amol’s chilling out all day in Delhi, Amol realizing Auro is his own child and finally of course the climax.

With his Auro act, Amitabh Bachchan yet again proves he is the Paa of all his contemporaries where acting is concerned. The effortless manner, in which he has carried out such a challenging act, deserves a long standing ovation. He is definitely bound to win all the acting awards for this one. Abhishek Bachchan has put up a very mature act. In fact you may want to hate his character in the film initially, but full credit to him for making it very likeable. Vidya with her body language succeeds in communicating her single mom turmoil. She is effortless natural as well and looks wow. Arundhati Naag is very good. Paresh Rawal in a short role as Abhishek’s father is well restrained.

The film scores very high in the technical department. Music maestro Ilaiyaaraja’s music is melodious and perfectly interwoven with the film. His background scrore is super fresh. Anil Naidu’s editing and PC Sreeram’s cinematography are top notch.

Watch Paa with your Maa and Paa and one can confidently say that it is definitely bound to be an experience which you will remember for a long time. Paa will leave you with a tear in your eye but also a smile on your lips.

-Abhijit Mhamunkar/ Sampurn

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