Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye!


Trust Lucky Ali to come up with the most unconventional plans and ideas, and then be it his music or promotions he just leaves everyone gaping wide at his amazing plans.

Apparently, this time Lucky Ali plans to feature a fan in a horror comedy clip. But what’s more unconventional is the way he plans to choose the lucky one. It’s not going to be a model-hunt but a fan-hunt!

Lucky, who has always believed in young and fresh talent is going the whole hog with online publicity and is spreading the news effectively through the social media for this fan search. Anyone who wants to be a part of Lucky Ali’s horror comedy clip needs to send in their pictures with make up done or for that matter just their Halloween party pictures to his email id on talent@luckyali.com and voila, you can be on Lucky’s horror clip!

-Sampurn Media

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