Ooh la la la… The Winner takes it all!


Ooh la la la… Do you have music in you– was an opportunity that both excited and challenged the ‘Best of the next’ Tamil and Telugu bands. It beckoned every musician who aimed to make it big and enthrall one and all… And out they came, performed and conquered.

Championed by The Mozart of Madras himself, Oscar winner, A.R.Rahman, Ooh La La La, a nationwide band talent hunt, aimed at bringing out the hidden talent of musicians worldwide and gave them a platform to perform.

Breaking free of the clutter, the bands were tested for ‘originality’, ‘ability to perform live’, ‘skills to develop and produce new sounds and melodies’ qualities that really distinguish the best from the rest. Ooh La La La soon caught the fancy of all Sun TV Prime time viewers having been implemented as ground event in fourteen cities.

The budding Bands performed with soul and gusto while Rahman and other judges, all lead musicians were mesmerized. Conventions were challenged when all the six finalist bands, Zinx, Oxygen, V3, Agam, Madras Tunes and Shrishti were crowned the winners for Tamil and all three finalist bands, Catharsis, Band of Boys and Audio League were crowned the winners for Telugu. Thus, the show did what Saregama and Rahman do best, make History!

Part of the spoils is an album by Saregama, which has tracks performed by all the winners! It’s been recorded at A.M. Studios (of Jai ho fame) and is all set to be launched on, 7th August 2009.

This date is also the 1st anniversary of A.R. Rahman’s school of music, KM Conservatory, initiated with his vision to take Indian musicians and singers to a global level. Thus aptly on this date, A.R. Rahman and Saregama, (erstwhile HMV India), are initiating a project aimed at generating a ‘Need for Learning’ among Children. Across the world, Education has the emerged as the single biggest weapon to combat poverty. Our endeavor is to create a Love for Learning among Kids as young as toddlers. The project, titled “Sing Along Rhymes with A.R.Rahman, comprises of a volume of Nursery Rhymes, a special song on the them “Learning is Fun”. The music is composed by KM Conservatory, Music Supervised by A.R.Rahman, and Produced by Saregama India Limited.

-Sampurn Media

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